that's the stuff

that's the stuff

1. That's really great or satisfying. Ah, that's the stuff. Nothing like a cold beer after a long day's work.
2. Good job; you're doing that well or correctly. Yeah, that's the stuff! See? You're a natural at programming code.
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That's the stuff!

Inf. That is the right attitude or action. Bob: I'm sure I can do it! Fred: That's the stuff! "That's the stuff!" cried the coach as Mary crossed the finish line.
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that's the stuff (or the stuff to give the troops)

said in approval of what has just been done or said. British informal
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that’s the ˈstuff

(informal) used for telling somebody that they are doing something correctly or well, or doing something good: ‘I’d like my hair cut shorter at the front.’ ‘Like this?’ ‘Yeah, that’s the stuff.’
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That’s the stuff!

exclam. That is good work! Good shot, Willy! That’s the stuff!
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References in classic literature ?
Bill can tell me who the different men are and if I know he's waiting for me outside in the buggy, it will keep me from being scared." And her young cousin, only too pleased with the proposed arrangement, chimed in with: "That's the stuff, Rose.
"That's the stuff!" "No fightin'!" "No hard feelin's!"
A third straight title, that's the stuff dynasties are made of.
Then we did demos and stuff like that because that's the stuff that I love and that's the stuff that really defined who I wanted to be as a pro skater.
That's the stuff to give the hard-right troops who now control the party!
That's the stuff that really excites me and makes me learn a lot."
"But with a little bit of accuracy on our behalf, we may have scored a few more tries and that's the stuff we've worked on to improve this week.
At LendInvest we have had a number of cases where it has taken just three days between application and delivery of funds - that's the stuff of dreams for any property developer.
I've known since I was 2 and I can come out now.' That's the stuff that actually means something.
That's the stuff dreams are made of and then it got even better for them on Monday.
Peaky Blinders (BBC TWO, Thursday, 9pm) RAZOR blades hidden in caps, danger around every corner and dastardly goings-on in Birmingham - that's the stuff this hit drama is made of.
Keeping your new prized possession with a couple of pairs of leaves at the top intact, plop it into a tiny 1in pot of seed compost - that's the stuff containing fine grit.
He said: "That's the stuff you dream about as a kid - under 11s was my last one."
"That's the stuff you don't want to forget because it's such funny little things, like working in the chip shop, and me and Tiffany (Martine McCutcheon).