it's/that's not my problem

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be not (one's) problem

To not be one's responsibility, duty, or concern; to not be something one cares about or intends to be involved with. I know you're worried about paying back your loan, but your financial issues are simply not my problem—you're the one who decided to get into debt. A: "But sir, there's no way we can satisfy the requirement if my husband isn't allowed to work here in the first place!" B: "That's not my problem, ma'am. Those are the rules."
See also: not, problem

ˌit’s/ˌthat’s not ˈmy problem

(spoken, informal) used to show that you do not care about somebody else’s difficulties: Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m afraid it’s not my problem.
See also: not, problem
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'Having said this, if a fan can't differentiate between politics and sports, that's not my problem. You can't be too obsessed and link politics to everything.
"It's become harder, but that's not my problem any more.
"I don't look backwards about Lukaku and what he did last season because that's not my problem.
He added: "That's not my problem. It's one facing others to weigh up all the issues and present them to the people."
She said: "It seems to have been erratic since they changed the day, but that's not my problem. This is not what I pay my council tax for."
"Maybe the recognition by people outside the club is more than at Manor Park but that's not my problem. I know I'm doing a good job."
The Busters, whose communication style is direct (That's not my problem"), enraged the Boomers.
"That's not my problem, man," as the saying unfortunately goes.
But that's not my problem. The Constitution demands compensation in takings cases."
"I don't look backwards about Lukaku and what he did last season because that's not my problem. My problem is now and he didn't score against West Brom.
"I can chip, that's not my problem, but things like that are what you need when you are going to have a good tournament.