(that's) news to (one)

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(that's) news to (one)

This is something I was not aware about or did not know. A: "Yeah, Jeff and Anthony have been going out for a few months now." B: "News to me. I thought they were just friends." We're not allowed to dump grass clippings here? That's news to me!
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That's news to me.

I did not know that.; I had not been informed of that. Bill: They've blocked off Maple Street for some repairs. Tom: That's news to me. Sally: The telephones are out. None of them work. Bill: That's news to me.
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it’s/that’s ˌnews to ˈme

used to express surprise at some information that you have just heard: ‘Max is thinking of leaving his job.’ ‘Really? That’s news to me. I thought he was happy there.’
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When told of boss Tommy Wright's exasperation, Craig said: "That's news to me!
That's news to most people, especially those who are dealing with hair loss.
However Evie's mum Caroline, 47, said the school had yet to be in touch with the family, adding: "That's news to me."
I'm not sure that's news to many mums and dads and it certainly shouldn't be regarded as bad news.
'First, I didn't know that Bollywood has a huge fan following in Pakistan so that's news to me,' he said.
"It's not something that's news to us unfortunately, you just try to get on with life."
TORONTO WOLFPACK are being linked with a move for Huddersfield Giants' Ukuma Ta'ai - but that's news to the Giants!
Readers will discover much in An Unlikely Union that's news to them and will be intrigued by what they find on each absorbing page.
When asked if he could be in the QPR dugout by the weekend, Hasselbaink told the Burton Mail: "That's news to me.
However, that's news to Liverpool officials who have yet to make a breakthrough in discussions with Basel.
That's news to me, when we see multiple groups joining up to pool their legal and financial resources.
"There are no such facts of mass pressure or state pressure on the Russians in Kyrgyzstan - that's news to me.
If that's news to you, well, that likely reflects the viability of the offering, which was completely overshadowed by successes elsewhere, from iTunes to Vudu.
That's news to Snitch, since Annie's the one--not BassoMatic--who's limiting the number of face-to-face debates she'll take part in.