that's all for

that's all for (someone or something)

1. Someone or something is totally finished or ruined. After about five years of trying, it looks like that's all for the tech giant's efforts to break into the mobile phone market. No, that's all for Janet—she's through. That kind of a mistake is unacceptable.
2. Said when someone is finished speaking or presenting something. Thank you for having me here to talk to you all today about the exciting opportunities this technology can bring. That's all for me.
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that's all for someone

Inf. Someone will get no more chances to do things correctly. That's all for you, Tom. I've had all I can take from you. One disappointment after another. You've gone too far, Mary. That's all for you. Good-bye!
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I think it is the first time a big pharmaceutical has really revealed a serious, large program to find an AIDS vaccine, and that's all for the good.