that'll teach (one) ((not) to do something)

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that'll teach (one) ((not) to do something)

That should serve as a lesson not to do something! Said when one receives some fitting punishment or negative outcome as a result of their actions. (The meaning is the same regardless or whether "not" is used.) My men are going round to rough the accountant up. That'll teach him to go talking to the police. A: "She's been sentenced to 10 years in prison for her involvement in the scam." B: "Good. That'll teach her." A: "Ouch! You hit me in the head!" B: "That'll teach you not to talk back to me!"
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that'll teach someone

Inf. What happened to someone is a suitable punishment! (The someone is usually a pronoun.) Bill: Tom, who has cheated on his taxes for years, finally got caught. Sue: That'll teach him. Bill: Gee, I got a ticket for speeding. Fred: That'll teach you!
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That’ll teach someone

sent. That is what someone deserves. That’ll teach you to pull out in front of me.
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A MAN whose child laughed at him when he tripped up threw the youngster against a fence and said: "That'll teach you to laugh at me you little s***."
"That'll teach you to swing off the chandelier," guffawed another.
Hw cn I tell hr this wthout feelng Ive let hr down?Well, that'll teach you to get drunk!
When young Quint ran crying to his father about the sour deal, his dad shook his head and said, "That'll teach you to get it in writing next time."
That'll teach you to come around here looking for trouble!
Stephen Morris THAT'LL teach you to forget the sat nav.
You don't stop being a sexual being when you hit 60 you know.I can see it may have been a bit of a shock, but that'll teach you to go snooping around the place.
"Well I returned the favour during a sliding tackle and jokingly said, 'That'll teach you to mind your own business'.