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there's gold in them there hills

There is the potential to make a lot of money from this venture. A reference to the Sometimes written as "them thar hills" to affect a rural accent. Primarily heard in US. With the sudden and ubiquitous rise of smartphones, the new and lucrative market of mobile apps came to the fore, and developers around the world realized that there's gold in them there hills. As an emerging nation with a growing economy, there's gold in them thar hills for companies willing to invest early.
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there's gold in them thar hills


there's gold in them there hills

People say there's gold in them thar hills or there's gold in them there hills to mean that it is possible to make money in a particular place or with a particular activity. Mongolia has gold in them thar hills and foreign companies have been quick to grab a piece of the action. There would be winners and losers in the high-tech business, but there was gold in them there hills. Note: People often use other words instead of hills according to the subject they are talking about. Drugs companies are seeing sales soar in America. There's gold in them there pills. Note: This expression refers to the California Gold Rush of the 19th century; the line also appears in the theme song of an old television programme about that period.
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CEO Thar Energy Limited Saleemullah Memon said with strong and professional sponsors backing the project would be completed within the allocated cost and time.
The PPIB spokesman said that the addition of 990 MW of affordable and reliable electricity will energise the national grid in true sense while it will also be instrumental in saving of millions of dollars of precious foreign exchange annually, generating economic activities as well as employment opportunities for the people of Thar in particular and will also entail improvement of the basic infrastructure in the vicinity of these projects.
SECMC senior officials including Ahmed Munib, Fayyaz Soomro, Kamran Hussain and Engro Powergen Thar Limited officials Farhan Ansari and Raja Touqeer were also present among others to witness the remarkable event.
The aim of the Thar Science Festival is to highlight the potential of Thar region and motivate kids toward science and mathematics" according to Farhad Jalal of Alif Ailan, one of the organisers of the fair.
It will create an overall positive impact for the country, the province, people of Sindh, and also for people of Thar.
It may be relevant to mention here that SECMC and Engro Powergen Thar limited (EPTL) along with other partners are working on lignite excavation and construction of 660 MW indigenous coal based power plant in Thar Coal field Block-11.
Fang Yanshui, Vice President of CMEC, said, The Thar Block II Power Plant is progressing ahead of planned timelines to deliver additional power to the national grid, utilizing the rich coal reserves in Thar.
Strategic importance of Thar Coal project is recognised across the board and transcends political differences, states the company's April 2017 update.
18 November 2016 - Germany-based pharmaceutical company Grunenthal has acquired US-based clinical-stage pharmaceutical company Thar Pharmaceuticals, the company said.
The two power plants and mining in Block 2 of Thar coal would cost $3.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Baghdad Operations Command announced the killing of /48/ elements of Daash western Baghdad and al-Thar Thar.
Naushad Shamimul Haq khanWhile Pakistan's social and political elites were reveling and making merry at the Sindh Cultural Festival in Larkana and Thatta districts, a devastating drought was taking a heavy toll on the people of Thar barely 200 km from the sites of the festivities.
Such is the heritage behind this go anywhere vehicle that it's offshoot, the Thar, is still kicking strong today.
Fortunately, in Pakistan the desert of Thar, Sindh, (the world's fourth largest stock of coal) exists which contains 175000 million tons of coal in the depth of 600 feet.