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Thanks (a lot).

 and Thank you a lot. 
1. Inf. Thank you, I am grateful. Bill: Here, take mine. Bob: Thanks a lot. Mary: Well, here's your pizza. Bill: Thanks.
2. That is not worth much.; That is nothing to be grateful for. (Sarcasm is indicated by the tone of voice used with this expression.) John: I'm afraid that you're going to have to work the night shift. Bob: Thanks a lot. Fred: Here's your share of the money. We had to take out nearly half to make up for the damage you did to the car. Bill: Thanks a lot.
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Doreen Lawton and family wish to thank all relatives, friends and neighbours for their kind expressions of sympathy, letters of condolence, cards and donations to The Alzheimer''s Society received in their sad bereavement.
Thanks to Reverend Barry Jacques for a lovely Service and to J E Hackett & Sons for all care given.
Thanks to the staff of Meadow Park Care Home for the wonderful care they gave Rose in her last months and to the very caring staff of Ward 9, Wansbeck Hospital.
Special thanks to 'our rock' Pat Hart, everyone from JLR, especially the lads from Browns Lane Service Dept, Father Tom Farrell for a beautiful service and A.
Scottish and Newcastle say ban will cost pounds 10m and some more copy goes very muchindeedy and some more into here thanks
The people of David's day were a great deal more ready than our present generation to express their thanks to God when he answered their prayers.
Thanks to my colleagues at The Progressive for doing the work, and for adding humor and camaraderie along the way.
My thanks to the museum staff for providing the photos and text for this presentation beginning on page 10.
After receiving a standing ovation, Eastwood acknowledged his position as underdog in the category, laconically drawling, ``Well, thanks.
Thanks also go to the leaders of TEI's local chapters, who recruit and mentor new members, plan monthly meetings, and generally keep TEI on track.
Can we give thanks that God cares for the soil and the animals of the field in the same way that God cares for us?
Our thanks go to all those who played an important role in the achievements.