thank lucky stars

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thank (one's) lucky stars

To express appreciation for a beneficial occurrence. You should thank your lucky stars that you managed to avoid that violent car accident. We thank our lucky stars that we were able to get a home in this neighborhood at such a reasonable price.
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thank one's lucky stars

Fig. to be thankful for one's luck. You can thank your lucky stars that I was there to help you. I thank my lucky stars that I studied the right things for the test.
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thank one's lucky stars, to

To be grateful for good fortune. In ancient and medieval times, the stars were believed to have a powerful influence over the lives and destinies of human beings. Thanking them for good fortune, therefore, was a bit of superstitious politeness. Ben Jonson used the term “I thank my Starres for it” in his play, Every Man Out of His Humour (1599). The modern variant came into use during the last century and is more an expression of general relief at emerging unscathed from some dilemma than of belief in celestial influence.
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