thank God!

thank God

An expression of relief. Thank God you're all OK. We were so worried. Oh, thank God—I thought I'd lost this precious heirloom!
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thank ˈGod!


thank ˈgoodness/ˈheaven(s)!

used as an expression of relief: Thank God you’ve arrived. I was so worried.(Some people find the phrase thank God offensive.)
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References in classic literature ?
"Come, it's all over, and thank God!" was the first thought that came to Anna Arkadyevna, when she had said good-bye for the last time to her brother, who had stood blocking up the entrance to the carriage till the third bell rang.
The child died "Thank God!" she added with sudden vehemence, and "I--well, you will wonder how I came to this, I wonder myself-- it has all happened but six months ago, and yet I seem to have forgotten--only the broken- hearted and the hungry would understand, if I could remember--and yet it was not life, certainly not life I wanted--and yet I couldn't die--"
"'Thank God!' I felt it fervently, and I said it fervently.
We become what we worship, and so it's sad, but fitting, that the physicist who ignores God concludes, "We are nothing but quarks and electrons and a lot of empty space." That's not who we are, thank God! -- Mike Wittmer
Her parents must be over the moon!" Kerri Turner: "Great news!!" Debbie I'Anson : "Superb!" Pauline Kay : "Thank God! Her parents and family will be able to enjoy Christmas now."
"Thank God Thank God! This 2 year Drama filled divorce is over.