thank God

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thank God

An expression of relief. Thank God you're all OK. We were so worried. Oh, thank God—I thought I'd lost this precious heirloom!
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thank God

Also, thank goodness or heaven . I'm grateful, as in Thank God you arrived safely, or We didn't, thank goodness, run out of food, or Thank heaven the book arrived on time. These ejaculations originally expressed gratitude to divine providence but today tend to be used in a more casual way. [c. 1200]
See also: god, thank
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thank ˈGod!


thank ˈgoodness/ˈheaven(s)!

used as an expression of relief: Thank God you’ve arrived. I was so worried.(Some people find the phrase thank God offensive.)
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I will thank God for the clothes I wear, the food I eat, and the house in which I live.
I thank God that none of us in the vehicle suffered any injury or fracture.
'We thank God because He loves us, especially those of us that are alive today.
'So for me to have been in office for three and half years, I think it is a rear privilege for which I will continue to thank God and to continue to thank Mr President,' he said.
"Yeah, I think it's kind of dangerous to be famous, so I thank God that I have, I mean honestly my kids, they tell me everything."
Thank God, thank God" - Sir Elton John waxes lyrical about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.
Gwen Kelly I had been to cashpoint and got my shopping just before, thank God.
"Thank God that you have gotten rid of them and Inshallah the nation will get rid of the Sharif mafia forever."
Ali Mazrouei: Yes thank God, I have children who work and are married as well
I shall say to you, thank God for the safety of Lebanon; thank God for Lebanon and the Lebanese.
"Thank God no-one was badly hurt - but I want answers, as do the people who were in the building last
That is why, in the traditional morning prayer, men thank God "shelo asani ishah," "for not making me a woman."
Paul declares that those who proudly refuse to thank God and acknowledge His reality become "dark and confused" and replace "the glorious, ever-living God" with "idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles" (Romans 1:21-23).
Along with the photo, Selim wrote, "Thank God for the great gift God has given me: me second daughter Kenzy.
That's the luck of the draw you need on the day and thank God that went my way and gave me a bit of confidence to drive on from there."