thank God

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thank God

An expression of relief. Thank God you're all OK. We were so worried. Oh, thank God—I thought I'd lost this precious heirloom!
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thank God

Also, thank goodness or heaven . I'm grateful, as in Thank God you arrived safely, or We didn't, thank goodness, run out of food, or Thank heaven the book arrived on time. These ejaculations originally expressed gratitude to divine providence but today tend to be used in a more casual way. [c. 1200]
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thank ˈGod!


thank ˈgoodness/ˈheaven(s)!

used as an expression of relief: Thank God you’ve arrived. I was so worried.(Some people find the phrase thank God offensive.)
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Thank God for those organisations and individuals that are prepared to take direct action against multinational corporations whose excessive profits are due to the exploitation of the earth's resources - both human and environmental.
I thank God for all the comfort measures I learned as a labor assistant.
I thank God every day now that I'm here and can still play basketball.
We thank God because He loves us, especially those of us that are alive today.
Thank God he was in a modern car or he would not be with us now FAN TIM MASON saw the crash horror unfold
Fans came from everywhere and I thank God for each and every one of them, and for their love and trust in me.
Thank God Norman Power resurrected faith out of the bin and built people's lives through it and so have countless people through the ages.
I thank God they're all still alive," the BBC quoted him as saying.
On a dark Sunday morning - freezing, wet and stormy - one of his deacons whispered: "He won't be able to thank God for anything on a day like this.
Thank God, our faithful Catholic laity know the necessity for priests in their midst.
Thank God for people like reporter Mary Zahn and papers like the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that exposed this trampling upon the rights of Milwaukee's priests.
Thank God for "continuing education" in the "ELCA as well
The song in question is Thank God I Found You, a No.
There are also those who search for a middle ground to maintain unity within the Body of Christ and we should thank God for that.
We thank God for the way in which she faced her suffering.