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The likelihood that men had received counseling along with their testing was increased for those whose provider had discussed testing with them, those who knew of HAART, those who had had unprotected anal sex, those tested at a public clinic, those who considered counseling important and those who had reduced their risks after testing (odds ratios, 1.
Nearly half of participants who had had an HIV test within a year before the survey said they had reduced their HIV risk because of the testing or counseling experience.
This type of proficiency testing is applied for food, water and other environmental materials.
Additionally, to speed the testing process, ProLab also features a large number of pre-designed advanced test scripts.
OT&E test agencies have traditionally become heavily involved in active testing following certification for dedicated OT&E.
Since then, state and federal health agencies have funded rapid testing in settings such as physicians' offices, jails, sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinics, and mobile testing units that visit nightclubs, gay-pride events, and places where prostitutes and drug abusers congregate.
Designing a comprehensive strategy for clustered testing environments can be as challenging as designing and developing an application.
Less common uses of UTMs are for compression tests, although they play a major role in testing of rigid plastic foams in accordance with ASTM D1621 and ISO 844.
The fact that drug testing is widespread suggests either that applicants and employees do not mind it much or that it enhances profits enough to justify the extra cost of finding and keeping workers, along with the direct expense of conducting the tests.
By adding eddy current testing to its inspection line, Waupaca-Marinette was able to identify the carbidic castings and scrap them at the foundry.
The detuned testing approach involves taking samples that are confirmed HIV-positive by these tests, but then retesting them with a less sensitive, diluted ELISA.
The White House and the staff of a joint House and Senate committee struggled throughout the summer to make the testing plan work.
Key words: conformance; hardware; information technology; interoperability; measurement; performance; reference data; software; testing.
Because the Home Access test consists of multiple components, including materials for specimen collection, a mailing envelope to send the specimen to a laboratory for analysis, and includes pre- and post-test counseling, it is considered a testing system.
Psychemedics services 1,400 businesses that use hair testing on their employees and job applicants.