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testify against someone or something

to be a witness against someone or something. Who will testify against him in court? I cannot testify against the company I work for.
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testify for someone

to present evidence in favor of someone; to testify on someone's behalf. I agreed to testify for her at the trial. Max testified for Lefty, but they were both convicted.
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testify to something

to swear to something. I will testify to your whereabouts if you wish. I think I know what happened, but I would not testify to it.
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testify to

1. To make a statement based on personal knowledge in support of some asserted fact; bear witness to something: Many astronauts have testified to the thrill of weightlessness. The witness testified to the accuracy of the defendant's story.
2. To serve as evidence: The wreckage testifies to the strength of the storm.
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Edwards' attorney, Dan Small, set off the fireworks when he said certified public accountant Laura East had lied about testifying as an expert in a federal trial in 1993.
On March 19, 2001, counsel for Trigon requested drafts of the reports from the United States' testifying experts because they had not been produced with the final reports, even though:
What doctor would take a chance testifying and having their license revoked?
Less partisan observers say expert witnesses are an integral cog in the American judicial machine, and the vast majority of them, testifying in prosaic cases that generate no media buzz, are competent.
Here in New York, you have been a leader in testifying at your state level regarding Indoor Air Quality," McChesney concluded.
4) Officers should refrain from testifying in their uniforms when possible because juror perceptions have shifted over the years--a suit and tie proves the most influential attire, especially in a jury trial.
At a deposition, say that your opinion may change, prior to testifying at the trial, pending receipt of additional information, the testimony of others and rulings by the judge.
Some scientists conducting the studies neglected to tell those studied that they would be exposed to radiation, according to experts testifying about the research.
They command huge fees testifying on everything from hernia ailments to snowmobile accidents.
Judge Buhl's decision to prohibit Nuovo from testifying is significant because the pathologist has been consulted as a defense witness in many birth-injury cases across the United States and at least a dozen in Michigan.
Testifying Wednesday in Juvenile Court as the defense opened its case, the boys said the 13-year-old didn't put his full strength into the first swing against 15-year-old Jeremy Rourke's knee.
it is upon such subtle factors as the possible interest of the witness in testifying falsely that a defendant's life or liberty may depend.
Did Bantle, Manning, or others testifying on behalf of U.
When testifying under "Miranda Warning," King stated that he had paid the hotel bill during his attendance at the NCAA basketball playoffs, and had reimbursed the vendor in cash for tickets provided.
And when the victim's trial testimony supports the defendant or minimizes the violence of his actions, the jurors may assume that if there really had been abusive behavior, the victim would not be testifying in the defendant's favor,'' the ruling said.