testify for

testify for (someone or something)

To present evidence or testimony in favor or defense of someone or something as a witness in a trial. The doctor was asked to testify for the plaintiff in the criminal negligence lawsuit against the construction company. I agreed to testify for Daniel, since I was with him the night of the incident.
See also: testify

testify for someone

to present evidence in favor of someone; to testify on someone's behalf. I agreed to testify for her at the trial. Max testified for Lefty, but they were both convicted.
See also: testify
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Added to that was $8,550 paid to three doctors to review Lindsay Gentry's medical records and testify for the prosecution, another $1,978 to fly the Gentrys' older daughter to and from Georgia to testify for the prosecution, and $711 for transporting and lodging a former school principal who testified, according to Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office records.
Braly asked Binnie whether McClendon "travels around to all these medical meetings hunting for doctors that will testify for the tobacco industry?
As part of his plea bargain, he agreed to testify for the prosecution.