testify against

testify against (someone or something)

To present evidence or testimony against someone or something as a witness in a trial. I refused to testify against the mob boss unless the police were able to guarantee the safety of my family. Spouses cannot be made to testify against one another.
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testify against someone or something

to be a witness against someone or something. Who will testify against him in court? I cannot testify against the company I work for.
See also: testify
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During the hearing on Thursday, Omlang also signified his intention to testify against his coaccused.
De Lima dragged into the case her most vocal critic Sandra Cam for allegedly threatening a DOJ technical staffer Jesusa 'Susan' Francisco to testify against De Lima as the supposed bagwoman of former DOJ Undersecretary Francisco Baraan III.
'I suspect that a deal has been struck that he testify against me.
'The fact is, it is Duterte and his cohorts who ordered the stabbing and also the torture of inmates who refused to testify against me,' the lady senator added.
De Lima has also expressed fears Dayan might be forced to testify against her.
On last Thursday he was summoned to the court to testify against former President Yameen in the money laundering trial against him.
'All a dangerous criminal has to do is to pretend to be very nice for a decade and then applies for the program and he is released from his predicament only to get back at those who filed and testified against him,' he added, noting that possibly witnesses may be afraid to testify against criminals of heinous crimes.
Even more, the district attorney's office has also been granted permission to bring in additional women to testify against Weinstein and his "prior bad acts."
The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) as well as the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) are among those set to testify against the legislator.Jaguar, as he is popularly known, appeared before Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi and denied the said offence.
'The accused has equally undertaken not to interfere with any of the 12 witnesses who will testify against him,' he said.
Anthony agreed to testify against the fourth and final defendant.
Counsel for complainant says they are scared to testify against suspects
"I went to Paris to identify and testify against him three times.
The former premier and his family members are facing three corruption references and the trial court has failed to wrap them up in the last six months as was given the deadline by the SupremeCourt.The trial court has called five witnesses to testify against the Sharifs and one witness, Noreen Shehzadi recorded her statement and furnished details of the bank accounts of the former premier and his children