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testify against someone or something

to be a witness against someone or something. Who will testify against him in court? I cannot testify against the company I work for.
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testify for someone

to present evidence in favor of someone; to testify on someone's behalf. I agreed to testify for her at the trial. Max testified for Lefty, but they were both convicted.
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testify to something

to swear to something. I will testify to your whereabouts if you wish. I think I know what happened, but I would not testify to it.
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testify to

1. To make a statement based on personal knowledge in support of some asserted fact; bear witness to something: Many astronauts have testified to the thrill of weightlessness. The witness testified to the accuracy of the defendant's story.
2. To serve as evidence: The wreckage testifies to the strength of the storm.
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They should state the issue you will testify about, the form your reporting will take, what the engaging attorney expects and other business details including fees.
Technical expertise and testify as to the specific and formula-driven benefits of insurance; or
Weeding out bad experts, sometimes called "hired guns" for their willingness to testify to anything for a fee, is not so easy.
Despite the defense's strenuous objections, Bloch was permitted to testify as an expert witness.
Vogel could testify about is the fact that he received 22 affidavits and more than 30 witness statements describing sightings of Middle Easterners with McVeigh.
Tell your expert how justice will be served if he will testify on your side of the case,' said John C.
His estranged wife, Susan, who remained in California to raise the couple's three children, invoked the marital testimony privilege during her husband's preliminary hearing so she would not have to testify about a statement he made to her after the shootings.
Personnel information concerning law enforcement officers who testify against the accused may be as important to the defense as evidence directly affecting innocence.
Braly asked Binnie whether McClendon "travels around to all these medical meetings hunting for doctors that will testify for the tobacco industry?
Beginning on Day Three of formal hearings, key Premera expert witnesses testify that a Premera conversion to a public company will not affect customer premium rates or reimbursement levels of physicians, hospitals and other providers.
The Second District Court of Appeal rejected Tajiddin Carter's argument that the judge erred when admitting into evidence statements made to deputies and at a preliminary hearing by victim Don Simmons, who couldn't be found to testify at the trial.
Police officers receive training to testify as witnesses, and they garner a certain professional respect in that role through on-the-job experience.
Lewis Reid, former president and CEO of The California Endowment, will testify that the Premera conversion serves the public interest.
The 2nd District Court of Appeal rejected Jaymar Dodds' claim that the judge erred when he denied Dodd's request in the middle of trial for a delay because his fiancee became ill and couldn't testify that he was with her when one of the robberies occurred.
If the department supports the bill, the sponsor may have suggestions for the officers who will testify.