testify to (something)

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testify to (something)

To give sworn testimony that something is true. The doctor was asked to testify to the extent of the plaintiff's injuries in the criminal negligence lawsuit against the construction company. I was happy to testify for Daniel's whereabouts on the evening in question, as I had been with him the whole night.
See also: testify

testify to something

to swear to something. I will testify to your whereabouts if you wish. I think I know what happened, but I would not testify to it.
See also: testify

testify to

1. To make a statement based on personal knowledge in support of some asserted fact; bear witness to something: Many astronauts have testified to the thrill of weightlessness. The witness testified to the accuracy of the defendant's story.
2. To serve as evidence: The wreckage testifies to the strength of the storm.
See also: testify
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He said he testified to prosecutors as a result of his respect for the law and since all people implicated in the case have so far testified.
She said she contacted the Lane County District Attorney's Office at the end of the last trial, after learning that no one else had testified to seeing an ultrasound.
But he had even stronger ones when he testified to the Senate on June 27 about President Bush's signing statements--more than 750 of them, according to The Boston Globe.
Erik Kleinsmith, a former Army major who supervised the data mining operation, testified to the Judiciary Committee that he had been "forced to destroy all the data, charts, and other analytical products" related to Able Danger.
However, Nurse Ashcroft acknowledged that, despite what she testified to as to what Nurse Kerns told her about Karen's condition, Nurse Ashcroft acknowledged that Karen's records did not describe her as confused.
The complaint most often testified to by voters, and family members and others in their presence, was that they were denied their right to vote because they "were not on the rolls"--even though some had with them their voter registration cards and identification showing their names and addresses.
Observers of the conflict testified to their sense that Marcum, by interfering in the dispute over cheating, had s eriously violated saloon norms and invited Summers' attack.
Some wives testified to having followed their husbands to the saloon, or having sent their children to bring them home.
In two specific instances, McChesney testified before Senator Dan Rostenkowski's Ways and Means Committee, the BOMA system of square footage measurement has been championed by Senator Howard Metzenbaum as the system for the General Services Administration to adopt for determining its own space requirements, and BOMA testified to its effectiveness before the Senator's subcommittee July 27, 1993.