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The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) has published TP-101E, Testability Guidelines.
Preventive Services Task Force, and others have endorsed the use of instrument-based vision screening in place of chart-based screening for children aged 3-5 years based on evidence of improved testability and acceptable sensitivity and specificity.
Maintainability###{Non Applicable}###Changeability, Testability
All tests are OSD-funded and allocated following a nomination process that determines feasibility, testability, and urgency.
The interpersonal theory of suicide, introduced by Thomas Joiner, Ph.D., a decade ago, has generated enormous interest among suicide researchers because of its simplicity and ready testability. Indeed, much of this year's AAS conference was devoted to studies examining the theory's validity in various populations.
Researchers in the US assessed the testability of a number of children aged 9-17 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to see if they could complete a protocol of eye examinations.
From the preface: "The handbook discusses concepts and delineates the recent advances in architecture methodologies and implementation techniques that will enable effective semantic description of services, semantically aware service discover, dynamic adaptability to the environment and user needs, robust pervasive services, context-aware service reconfiguration capabilities, testability and reliability of adaptive services, ubiquitous access to services, and seamless integration in the service-driven ecosystem." ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
In the productization of 100G module and line card solutions for systems ranging from 100s of Gigabits to terabits per second, challenges in power, ease of connectivity, signal integrity, testability, economics and footprint must be met in order to enable mass deployment." stated John Monson, VP of sales and marketing at MoSys.
However, even a 100% pass does not necessarily mean the product is defect-free, as it depends on the product's testability and test coverage.
NF creates a compelling value proposition based on: ultrafine retention of particles and other contaminants; outstanding total throughput with three filtration layers and a high 0.65 m2/10" membrane area; excellent protection offered to 0.2 ?m sterilizing grade and 0.1 pm mycoplasma retentive filters; first gamma-irrradiatable triple-layer all-PES filter on the market that allows easy integration into single-use assemblies; and integrity testing prior to release and testability at the customer site for performance verification.
These risk-mitigating -selection criteria include traceability, transparency, testability, time, trustworthiness, and training.
Subjects considered include modeling of equipment testability in manufacturing processes, bottleneck procedures of a truck frame assembly line, and effects of quality improvement on mobile phone manufacturing systems.
In order to make traditional biology labs more challenging and interesting, we engage our students in the concepts of testability, falsifiability, and repeatability by asking them to try to disprove discoveries of the past.