test in

test someone in something

to test someone in a particular subject. The committee decided to test her in her knowledge of the laws of the state. We were all tested in math and English.
See also: test
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The Job Knowledge Test in ICE measures knowledge of customs and immigration laws and general investigative procedures across the range of ICE investigative activities and is divided into equally weighted sections testing knowledge of smuggling and public safety, financial investigations, investigative services, national security investigations, and general criminal investigations techniques.
The INS/NFU regards the heavy clothing test as the most significant test in the series of tests conducted.
From each 1,500-round test in each pistol, a maximum of one functional failure is permitted.
Gonzalez will be taking his test in time for our February swearing-in ceremony, or March at the latest.
The trouble is that no one at INS headquarters ever sat down and developed the citizenship test in a thoughtful and comprehensive way.
Agents must also give a test in which the immigrants demonstrate a basic understanding of U.
Stock Flight Systems' CEO, Michael Stock, personally evaluated the system, putting it to the test in highly dynamic flight, including several aerobatic maneuvers.
Each person will also receive a question-and-answer study book for the citizenship test in English and Spanish, a citizenship test video and a reference guide to U.
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