test for

test for (something)

To apply or administer a test (to someone or something) in order to determine, identify, or verify something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "test" and "for." It's standard procedure to test for any immune system deficiencies ahead of such a major operation. They're testing everyone in the city to make sure there isn't another outbreak.
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test someone or something for something

to apply a test to someone or something to try to determine something or identify something. They tested me for all sorts of diseases. Ken tested the roof for weak spots.
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test for something

to try to find out about something by testing. We are testing for weak places in your roof. That's the noise you hear up there. They are testing for some sort of infection.
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test for

To administer a test to someone or something in order to determine the presence of something: The technician tested the blood sample for leukemia. The doctor tested the children for head lice. This procedure tests for the presence of harmful substances.
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References in classic literature ?
Don't you see that it gives us an infallible test for blood stains.
I am an aspirant to membership in the palace guard," I said, "and from yonder window in the tower where I was confined awaiting the final test for fitness I saw this brute attack the this woman.
Those who reported ever having been tested were also asked "What was the main reason you had your test for HIV?
This allows the users the flexibility to test for a given negotiated algorithm and then make subtle changes to the test configuration to test for more IKE specific problems.
You can determine if you are infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1), the virus that causes AIDS, by taking a test for the presence of antibodies to the virus.
With acceptance of the VG concept employers, who want to minimize expense while protecting against litigation for using a poorly validated test for hiring, are more likely to use tests in their employment selection process.
The standard used to test for fire resistance in building construction is ASTM El19 - fire tests of building construction and materials and ASTM E 108 - fire tests of roof coverings.
felt that two of the questions on her pre-employment test for New York Life Insurance Co.
Ordinarily, the random inspections will be for the sole purpose of determining whether the laboratory is complying with its Certificate of Waiver by performing only the test for which the laboratory ahs obtained the certificate.
In addition, because the sample is suspended, not submerged, the process does not test for the effect of metal pressure.
The Western blot confirmatory test -- the only FDA-approved test for confirming ELISA results -- was licensed for commercial use in 1987.
One-third believed that including HIV testing in standard prenatal care would increase their ability to routinely test for HIV, and slightly more than One-third (37%) felt that HIV testing in their practice would increase if they had brochures to aid pretest counseling.
Independent testing labs can detail their testing capabilities for prospective clients, and manufacturers can reassure customers (both current and prospective) of their ability to test for compliance with specified requirements.
Replacing animal tests such as the classic Draize test for ocular irritancy, described above, "used to be considered a flaky, humane idea," says Henry Spira, a leading spokesman for the movement against animal testing.