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terrorize (one) into (something)

1. To force or coerce one to do something through the use of fear, violence, and intimidation. Marauders have been terrorizing residents of the small town into fleeing their homes. The gangsters terrorized local business owners into paying so-called protection money.
2. To cause one to enter into some state through the use of fear, violence, and intimidation. The secret task force terrorized the hardened criminal into a blubbering mess during their interrogation. The fascist government began terrorizing its citizens into silent obedience.
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terrorize (one) out of (something)

1. To cause, compel, or force one to leave something or some place through the use of fear, violence, or intimidation. Marauders have been terrorizing local residents out of their homes. The mafia terrorized local business owners out of town who refused to pay protection money.
2. To cause, compel, or force one not to do something because of violence, intimidation, or harassment. This political party has begun an organized campaign of terrorizing its opponents out of having their voices heard. The fascist government is trying to terrorize people out of forming an organized rebellion.
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terrify someone into something

 and terrorize someone into something
to threaten or frighten someone into doing something. The salesman is just trying to terrify you into buying a new car by saying the one you have is dangerous. They tried to terrorize people into staying off the streets.
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Mohammad Yasin Malik in a statement issued in Srinagar said that on one side, every village and town was facing the wrath of Indian police and other armed forces, while on the other, police, forces and other departments had started a new phase of terrorizing resistance leaders and their families, reported.
Mohammad Yasin Malik speaking to traders, youth and other people, who are on a protest sit-in in front of Srinagar Jamia Masjid, said that firing tear gas shelling inside Jamia Masjid, punishing the traders and shopkeepers of Jamia and Nowhatta, vandalizing and ransacking their business establishments and shops and terrorizing youth was highly condemnable, reported.
He also condemned the ongoing crackdown on JKLF activists in Hajin where police were terrorizing JKLF activists.
Manama, Aug.9 (BNA) -- The security forces were yesterday out in force on the first day of Eid Al-Fitr to foil acts of terror aimed at disrupting public order, terrorizing people and curbing their liberties.
A customer witnessing the incident became incensed at the extent to which the thug was terrorizing the young cashier.
He is terrorizing the Albanians in Kosovo; therefore, we can terrorize the Serbs in Yugoslavia.
Muhammad Yasin Malik while speaking to the parents of a teenager, Wasim Bashir Sofi of Pulwama, who was arrested under black law, Public Safety Act last week, said, "By oppressing and terrorizing Kashmiri youth, India and its stooges are actually playing with fire and its consequences will be fatal.
In the same statement, the ministry said that a group of saboteurs and outlaws stormed City Centre around 4 p.m, intent on sowing chaos and terrorizing shoppers.
While passing on his strict orders, he has directed the police to ensure strict maintenance of law and order strictly within the ambit of police rules; since any terrorizing of peaceful citizens would be strictly dealt with, and responsible policemen taken would face strong accountability process.
Beck's gang is made up of girls who spend much of their time terrorizing a girl named April and anybody else they please.
Although not completely comfortable with the details regarding his mission, Kidd left his young bride to hunt down the rogues who had been terrorizing the seas, and soon found himself embroiled in a controversy surrounding his commission.
She is however fighting an attraction to Dave the Laugh as well, while keeping busy playing pranks (such as releasing the biology class's locusts in the caretaker's shack), visiting Paris with her classmates, bravely snitching on a group of bullies at schools, being a hockey captain, and keeping her wildcat Angus from terrorizing the neighborhood even more than usual.