terrify into

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terrify someone into something

 and terrorize someone into something
to threaten or frighten someone into doing something. The salesman is just trying to terrify you into buying a new car by saying the one you have is dangerous. They tried to terrorize people into staying off the streets.
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They may therefore kill and terrorize virtually without limit, and without penalty.
Henderson goes to trial March 22 on charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping with intent to inflict bodily injury or terrorize the victim, and aggravated robbery.
corporations, despite the fact that these countries terrorize large segments of their population.
The police detained him after tracking down his motorcycle he used to terrorize his victims.
Republicans argued that modern gangs are the 21st century equivalent of Al Capone's Mafia, if not worse, because they terrorize entire communities.
Then soldiers come to the house, terrorize the family, and end up by shooting Vahan's older brothers in front of all the family, who then have to dig graves and bury them in the garden at the back of the house.
Destroying private property is simply a violent act, and certainly one designed to terrorize its victims.
Ought we worry more about terrorism now that the holy warrior who's spent the last two years terrorizing Iraq has been ordered to terrorize America?
He is terrorizing the Albanians in Kosovo; therefore, we can terrorize the Serbs in Yugoslavia.