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cover the field

To be thorough and comprehensive in what is presented or dealt with. This thesis will attempt to cover the field of English Law from 1950 to the present.
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virgin territory

Completely unexplored or untested field(s) or area(s) of activity. The entrepreneur made his millions when he set up one of the world's most popular search engines back when the Internet was still considered virgin territory.
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the map is not the territory

A person or thing is completely separate from the judgments or perceptions that people place upon it. The phrase was coined by US semanticist Alfred Korzybski. I know you dislike Ed because of how he acted in that meeting, but you don't actually know him. Just keep in mind that the map is not the territory, OK?
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come with the territory

To typically accompany a certain situation; to be a usual consequence or related issue. When you're the boss, staying late at the office just comes with the territory. Sleep deprivation comes with the territory of being a new parent.
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cover the territory

1. To travel to, deal with, or be responsible for a large, specific area. When I was a reporter, I had to cover the territory of the entire northern part of the state.
2. To be thorough and comprehensive in what is presented or dealt with. This thesis will attempt to cover the territory of English Law from 1950 to the present.
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come with the territory

 and go with the territory
Fig. to be expected under circumstances like this. (Alludes to the details and difficulties attendant to something like the assignment of a specific sales territory to a salesperson. When one accepts the assignment, one accepts the problems.) There is a lot of paperwork in this job. Oh, well, I guess it comes with the territory. There are problems, but they go with the territory.
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cover the territory

1. Lit. to travel or deal with a specific large area. The sales manager was responsible for all of the eastern states and personally covered the territory twice each year.
2. Fig. to deal with all matters relating to a specific topic. That lecture really covered the territory in only an hour.
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unfamiliar territory

an area of knowledge unknown to the speaker. We are in unfamiliar territory and I don't know the answer. Astronomy is unfamiliar territory for me, and I cannot answer any questions about the stars.
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come with the territory

Accompany specific circumstances, as in You may not like the new coach, but he comes with the territory, or As the editor, you may not like listening to complaints, but it comes with the territory. This term uses territory in the sense of "sales district," and the phrase originally meant that traveling sales personnel had to accept whatever problems or perquisites they found in their assigned region. Today it is applied in many other contexts. [Second half of 1900s]
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cover the field

Also, cover the territory or waterfront . Be comprehensive. For example, The review course will cover the field very well, or Bob's new assignment really covers the territory, or The superintendent's speech covered the waterfront on the drug problem. These expressions all employ the verb cover in the sense of "extend over" or "include," a usage dating from the late 1700s, with the nouns ( field, ground, territory, waterfront) each meaning "whole area."
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go with the territory

If something goes with the territory, it is a normal and necessary part of a situation, so you have to accept it. If you're a world-class footballer, that level of media attention goes with the territory and you have to learn to live with it. Note: You can also say that something comes with the territory. If you're foreign, being misunderstood comes with the territory.
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poach on someone's territory

encroach on someone else's rights.
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go (or come) with the territory

be an unavoidable result of a particular situation.
Territory is probably used here in its early 20th-century US sense of ‘the area in which a sales representative or distributor has the right to operate’.
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on neutral ˈground/ˈterritory

in a place that has no connection with either of the people or sides who are meeting and so does not give an advantage to either of them: We decided to meet on neutral ground.
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ˌcome/ˌgo with the ˈterritory

be a normal and accepted part of a particular job, situation, etc: As a doctor, he has to work long hours and some weekends, but that goes with the territory I suppose.
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