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terrify (one) into (something)

1. To cause, compel, or force one to do something through the use of fear or intimidation. The salesperson at the shop terrified me into buying gadget insurance for my new phone. The news report terrified me into changing the passwords for all my online accounts.
2. To cause one to enter into some state because of extreme fear. My husband's horrible outburst terrified me into a stunned silence. The horrible image onscreen terrified the children in the audience into hysteric tears.
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terrify (one) out of (something or some place)

1. To cause, compel, or force one to leave something or some place through the use of fear or intimidation. Marauders have been terrifying local residents out of their homes. The fear of infection from the deadly disease has terrified thousands of people out of the region.
2. To cause, compel, or force one not to do something because of extreme fear. The thought of what would happen if the parachute failed to open has terrified me out of ever wanting to go skydiving. The news report terrified me out of traveling anywhere on an airplane.
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terrify someone into something

 and terrorize someone into something
to threaten or frighten someone into doing something. The salesman is just trying to terrify you into buying a new car by saying the one you have is dangerous. They tried to terrorize people into staying off the streets.
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terrify someone or an animal out of something

1. to terrify someone or an animal to leave something or some place. The attackers terrified the farmers out of their homes. The snake terrified the gophers out of their burrow.
2. to cause someone or an animal to lose something through fear. They tried to terrify the old lady out of her money, but she refused to tell where it was. The eagle terrified the hawk out of the food it was holding.
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God be praised, they are terrified. If America had not been terrified, it would not have imposed such comprehensive sanctions, which target even the bread that people eat.
Belle is terrified to give something back west London community by the horrific fire in
WING MAN Tom grins at James & expert guide BUM-PY LANDING He makes it back to earth FALL GUY Yell of terror as James leaps out EASY, QUEASY Tom chills, James looks terrified
A Petersburn couple have been left "terrified" in their home after a knife-wielding thug pretending to be a policeman smashed his way into the property with a battering ram.
In "Warriors of the Light: Terrified Tourist" there are lessons to be learned as Karah attends spiritual warfare boot camp alongside two boys, and has Jesus teach her how to brilliantly thwart evil.
[USA], October 29 (ANI): Singer Tom Fletcher has recently revealed that even after becoming the father of two kids he is "terrified of the dark."
By ROSS MCCARTHY Court Reporter ross.mccarthy@trinitymirror.com A KNIFE thug terrified customers and workers at a Kentucky Fried Chicken branch after staff refused to replace a dropped burger.
She added in a statement: "His violent and threatening actions have left me terrified for me and my children's safety."
"I can remember the very first scene I did with her and I was absolutely terrified and I think I can remember the last scene with her and I was absolutely terrified.
Terrified workers and customers cowered in fear as the thug and an accomplice burst in and waved an imitation pistol while demanding cash, at the Coral Bookmakers, on Beacon Lough Road, Gateshead.
Murphy said that Twisty the Clown's introduction is "brutal" and that he, too, was terrified after seeing his introduction.
CYCLING: Victoria Pendleton is "terrified" by the prospect of life after cycling but insists it is right to retire after London 2012.
Summary: Robert Pattinson has admitted he is terrified of clowns.
But she revealed to the Hay audience that despite her calm appearance, she was often absolutely terrified.