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Davide Jr.: 'Yes, because we speak of 'term,' and if there is a special election, he will serve only for the unexpired portion of that particular term plus one more term for the Senator and two more terms for the Members of the Lower House.'
Sample for a three-year term on the Board of Selectmen, Richard G.
Our rejection of the use of the term marriage for same-sex copulation reflects that of the Catholic Church.
The loan featured a rate of 5.75% and a seven-year term. The transaction was negotiated by David Ostrov and Moshe Majeski;
The first two terms have a well defined physical meaning, since |D|[.sup.2] reduces to them if [D.sub.0] or [D.sub.c] goes to zero, respectively.
Even if the facility settles out of court--meaning the terms will most likely never make it into the public's eye, according to Cole--there's a smear on what might have been a spotless reputation.
Second, there's the problem that second terms are, well, second terms.
First District: Virgina Cairrao, CDA, Bristol, RI, appointed to a three-year term expiring 2007.
Updated in March 2004, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation's glossary includes a large number of both basic and fairly advanced HIV terms. It's easily searchable and user-friendly.
Distribution agreements with very lengthy terms can create a sense of permanence that make them more challenging to terminate later.
We focused on three levels of data analysis--sessions, queries, and terms. This large-scale study provides insights into Web searching with implications for developing better search engines and services.
1.446-4(e)(4), gain or loss from a hedging transaction "must be accounted for by reference to the terms of the debt instrument and the period or periods to which the hedge relates." Generally, the gain or loss is properly accounted for under constant-yield principles, as though it adjusted the yield of the debt instrument over the term to which the hedge relates.
The term limits lobby began scoring victories at the polls in 1990, when voters in three states approved ballot initiatives capping the terms of their local, state, and/or federal officials.
This is identified in terms of the development of the Euro/U.S.
Efficient and effective use of a university's online catalog requires an understanding of the many library terms used for the menu selections and for terms that appear on subsequent pages.