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Jansen, Spink, and Saracevic (2000) report the distribution of the frequency of use of terms in queries as highly skewed.
Durenberger: We take the position that the current welfare-based approach--where you live determines your choice and quality of healthcare services--just won't work over the long term.
This is due to the requirement under HIPAA that nontax-qualified policies use two-year preliminary term tax reserves instead of the one-year preliminary term tax reserves allowed for tax-qualified.
If FM does not exercise the option, X may elect to (1) use the property itself for the headlease's remaining term, (2) lease the property to another person for the headlease's remaining term or (3) compel FM to lease the property for the 10-year put renewal term of the sublease.
California's term limits are under a legal cloud in the federal courts.
Step 2: Estimate the total settlement value in global terms, assuming contribution from all codefendants.
However, foundries often ignore the customer's acknowledgement form that accompanies his purchase order and use their own so as not to be bound by the customer's terms.
Lynch, an African-American political science professor at the University of Maryland, believes term limits are bad for politics.
This whole reassessment of unclear source terms began immediately following the Three Mile Island (TMI) accident in 1979, explains Susan J.