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terminate (someone) with extreme prejudice

To kill someone without hesitation, mercy, or discernment. The general warned the rebels that they must either surrender or be terminated with extreme prejudice. We must terminate these terrorists with extreme prejudice to ensure the safety of our country.

terminate someone with extreme prejudice

murder or assassinate someone. euphemistic, chiefly US
The expression originated in the terminology of the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1970s.
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Pending a court's order to terminate the contract and if there are no applicable suspension rights, the parties may be required to continue to perform their contractual obligations.
It provides that a taxpayer may terminate a previously made election out at any time, by attaching a termination statement to his or her gift tax return, filed by the due date of the return for the calendar year in which is made the first transfer to which the election out is not to apply.
338(h)(10) election was made, the original S election did not terminate when the stock was purchased.
The IRS ruled that because the LLC is disregarded as an entity separate from its owner, the fact that the LLC owns the S corporation would not terminate the S election.
If a QSST election is not made, the S election technically terminates, because the trust is an ineligible shareholder.
another partner owns an interest in the partnership, so that the partnership does not terminate under Sec.
These facts also raise this question: Is income properly reportable by the shareholder in the year in which the S election terminates or in the year in which the S corporation's normal year ends?