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terminate (someone) with extreme prejudice

To kill someone without hesitation, mercy, or discernment. The general warned the rebels that they must either surrender or be terminated with extreme prejudice. We must terminate these terrorists with extreme prejudice to ensure the safety of our country.
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terminate someone with extreme prejudice

murder or assassinate someone. euphemistic, chiefly US
The expression originated in the terminology of the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1970s.
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A Contractor who terminates on account of the Employer's breach is typically entitled to immediate payment of sums due to it under the contract, together with out of pocket expenses (including its demobilisation costs) and interest.
An over-dependent foreign supplier may feel forced to retreat from its efforts to terminate a defiant distributor.
* PHAs may terminate residency if the household member is engaged in alcohol abuse or a pattern of abuse that results in a safety threat and interferes with the peaceful enjoyment of the premises.
For example, if rent has not been paid within 21 days from its due date, then as long as there is no additional period to allow the tenant to pay the arrears, the landlord could automatically terminate the lease.
However, if a contract is silent or the contractual terms are ambiguous as regards the right of a party to terminate the contract unilaterally, a contractual party may rely on Article 183(1) of the Civil Code to terminate the contract where the other party has failed to fulfil its obligations under the contract.
The grantor maintains the right to terminate this provision, at which point the trust would no longer be defective.
In addition, employers can transfer employees whom tenants, for security or other "good faith" reasons, refuse to permit in the building, even when "just cause" to terminate the employee may not exist.
* An entity classification election of an eligible entity does not terminate solely because the owner (by sale, an "A," "C," "D" or "F" reorganization, or otherwise) transfers all of the membership interest in that entity to another person.
The minimum "bullet-proof" asset transfer is the amount a financially sound insurance company would charge to annuitize the spinoff benefits, because an annuity purchase would be necessary if the plan were to terminate. Both participating and nonparticipating annuities are acceptable to PBGC.
Now, in separate reports in the May OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY, the Mount Sinai team and a California physician describe using variations of the same experimental method to terminate one or more healthy fetuses in the first trimester of risky multifetal pregnancies.
What are the circumstances under which an employer can terminate an employment contract?
Delta Air Lines will decide soon whether to terminate a pension plan covering current and retired ground workers and flight attendants.
VirtualEdge connectivity panels are 'sturdy, versatile mechanical plat forms, used to terminate high-speed cabling applications in any combination of services, including10/100M Ethernet, Gigabite Ethernet, Fiber and Coax.
You know that you should be professional and terminate the relationship.