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And so of more and less, and of other correlative terms, such as the double and the half, or again, the heavier and the lighter, the swifter and the slower; and of hot and cold, and of any other relatives;--is not this true of all of them?
Would you not say that thirst is one of these essentially relative terms, having clearly a relation--
It is this greater causal potency of the near appearance that leads physics to state its causal laws in terms of that system of regular appearances to which the nearest appearances increasingly approximate, and that makes it value information derived from the microscope or telescope.
I think that, if our scientific knowledge were adequate to the task, which it neither is nor is likely to become, it would exhibit the laws of correlation of the particulars constituting a momentary condition of a material unit, and would state the causal laws* of the world in terms of these particulars, not in terms of matter.
All our data, both in physics and psychology, are subject to psychological causal laws; but physical causal laws, at least in traditional physics, can only be stated in terms of matter, which is both inferred and constructed, never a datum.
Thirdly, That the terms offered to the person who should undertake and properly perform these duties were four guineas a week; that he was to reside at Limmeridge House; and that he was to be treated there on the footing of a gentleman.
The employment was likely to be both easy and agreeable; it was proposed to me at the autumn time of the year when I was least occupied; and the terms, judging by my personal experience in my profession, were surprisingly liberal.
said my mother, when she had read the note of terms and had handed it back to me.
Such distinguished people to know," remarked Sarah, straightening herself in the chair; "and on such gratifying terms of equality too
Yes, yes; the terms, in every sense, are tempting enough," I replied impatiently.
Now, mark, Boffin,' returned Silas: 'Mark 'em well, because they're the lowest terms and the only terms.
55,310,000 fixed amortization term bonds due June 1, 2018 'BBB';
Curriculum for the Graduate Certificate in Long Term Care Administration (offered by The George Washington University/The Wertlieb Educational Institute for Long Term Care Management)
Term limits didn't cause the nightmare problems of homelessness, crime, pollution and budget shortfalls that plague the city.
The term "long-term care," in itself, means different things to different people, and this has made it difficult for people to focus on the issue.