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sexual tension

A tension, awkwardness, or underlying unease in the relationship of two people resulting from a strong mutual sexual attraction between them that has not been consummated. Just ask Chuck out already—I'm sick of being around you two and witnessing all your sexual tension. I can just feel the sexual tension every time Matt and I are together.
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you could cut (something) with a knife

Something intangible or non-solid is incredibly thick, palpable, or poignant. The air was so humid as we stepped off the plane if felt like you could cut it with a knife. The entire dinner was so awkward you could cut the tension with a knife.
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Steps that will escalate the tension should be avoided."He also noted that the main issue between the two neighbouring countries is the "Kashmir issue" and this issue must be solved "as soon as possible" within the framework of the international law.
How does one manage the tension? I'd suggest there are three areas to consider: organizational analysis, reward, and communication.
BEIRUT: Unprejudiced media coverage could ease tensions between Lebanese hosts and Syrian refugees, Information Minister Melhem Riachi said Wednesday during a media workshop on covering refugee issues.
In the seminary, we were told that tensions are unavoidable and the resolution is to transform it into creative tension-one that is life-giving and, I add, tension that breaks new ground in doing things or responding to situations that seem to be torn by diametrically opposed elements.
He said that Nawaz Sharif had made it clear on world leaders earlier that incidents of border tensions would continue between both countries unless Kashmir issue was addressed.
Roll density, or in-wound tension, is the most important factor in determining the difference between good- and poor-quality film rolls.
A new facility has been set up by Kirklees Council to allow reports of community tensions are situations where residents feel concerned, anxious or fearful, either in response to or in anticipation of, events at local, national or international level.
where [[gamma].sub.s] and [[gamma].sub.l] are the solid and liquid surface tensions, respectively, and [[gamma].sub.ls] is the interfacial tension between the liquid and solid.
If some are interpreting religious tensions to be synonymous with religious disharmony, then, one could say there is religious disharmony in many countries throughout the world and Sri Lanka would not be an exception to what is happening in these countries.
There are many more examples that can be given to illustrate Alevi-Sunni tensions. Yet the two examples that I gave are powerful enough to demonstrate how useful it is to manipulate this tension.
You may also be creating new, little tensions, like kinks from having your computer monitor too low, and from a lack of daily natural exercise.
When tensions are maintained in all cables, cable i exerts a pure force at point [B.sub.i] on the mobile platform.
When using a metal mesh (as opposed to a polyester mesh) from which the stencil is suspended, extremely high tensions can be initially created.
Their contractile parameters were recorded by iWorx advanced animal/human physiology data acquisition unit (AHK/214), including maximum isometric twitch tension, time to peak twitch tension, time taken to relax to 50% of the peak twitch tension, maximum fused tetanic tension, maximum fused tetanic tension after the fatigue protocol and tetanic tension after 5 minutes of rest period following the fatigue protocol.