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sexual tension

A tension, awkwardness, or underlying unease in the relationship of two people resulting from a strong mutual sexual attraction between them that has not been consummated. Just ask Chuck out already—I'm sick of being around you two and witnessing all your sexual tension. I can just feel the sexual tension every time Matt and I are together.
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you could cut (something) with a knife

Something intangible or non-solid is incredibly thick, palpable, or poignant. The air was so humid as we stepped off the plane if felt like you could cut it with a knife. The entire dinner was so awkward you could cut the tension with a knife.
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Their contractile parameters were recorded by iWorx advanced animal/human physiology data acquisition unit (AHK/214), including maximum isometric twitch tension, time to peak twitch tension, time taken to relax to 50% of the peak twitch tension, maximum fused tetanic tension, maximum fused tetanic tension after the fatigue protocol and tetanic tension after 5 minutes of rest period following the fatigue protocol.
With a very large front dial, you will have fast and easy scrolling through all of the configuration values available, or simply select a quick adjustment to the tension that point.
Fredrickson (1997) reported that students in grades 2, 5, 8, 11, and 12 displayed similar patterns of perceived tension when listening to the first movement of Haydn's Symphony No.
It is available with tension range 0-100 grs and is operated by an rechargeable battery.
As a belt ages, adjusting the tension becomes less effective.
One way to demonstrate back tension is to imagine you're trying to pinch a dollar bill between your shoulder blades while at full draw.
If you can recall a contrast in how your muscles felt when thinking about the two shots you can see that tension is an unwanted addition to any shot you hit under pressure, the good news is that you have control over the amount of tension you feel.
Here [rho] is the mass per unit length of the yarn, r is the radius vector to a given point on the yarn, D is the comoving time derivative operator, T is the yarn tension and f is the density of external forces acting on the yarn.
bending tension, produced by the lamination forces;
When the tension wheels are tensioned through the cables the structure as a whole is tensioned.
Keywords Surface tension, Lamella tension, Wire ring method, Viscosity, Elasticity
The report coins the term "Post-Modern Tension" or "P-MT" to describe the lifestyle-related tension pains that could be affecting nearly 14 million UK women.
The Ashworth Tension Gauge can measure spiral belt tensions of up to 650lbs with tier spacing as low as 2 inches.
To help them cope, Ashworth has come out with a tension gauge for processors to easily pinpoint undetected high-tension problems to prevent spiral breakdowns and extend the life of the freezers.