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sexual tension

A tension, awkwardness, or underlying unease in the relationship of two people resulting from a strong mutual sexual attraction between them that has not been consummated. Just ask Chuck out already—I'm sick of being around you two and witnessing all your sexual tension. I can just feel the sexual tension every time Matt and I are together.
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you could cut (something) with a knife

Something intangible or non-solid is incredibly thick, palpable, or poignant. The air was so humid as we stepped off the plane if felt like you could cut it with a knife. The entire dinner was so awkward you could cut the tension with a knife.
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Mechanically tensioned frame systems, which provide foil tensions of approximately 32 N/cm for standard versions and 47 N/cm for high-tension versions, provide a solution whereby tension is maintained over the life of the stencil.
Its ability to produce the beauty of music is a combination of tension and creativity.
The total length of the HT lines had reached 75,488 km, and low tension 49,889 km across the region.
Increasing the tension and adding fuel to the flames have no use for anyone and adding that Turkey will do its part for the tension to be de-escalated.
Addressing a campaign rally in Trabzon, he hailed Pakistan's move in handing over an Indian pilot downed in the recent tension, adding that he looked forward to seeing similar steps from India.
Steps that will escalate the tension should be avoided."He also noted that the main issue between the two neighbouring countries is the "Kashmir issue" and this issue must be solved "as soon as possible" within the framework of the international law.
Tension in the muscles and hence tension in the golf swing is a symptom of performance anxiety.
If the tension is changed frequently, some manufacturers recommend buying a separate or specialty bobbin case.
It also sets the basis for thinking about most difficult tension: rewards.
Under the direction of Adibashi Mizan, shooting of the serial Mr Tension began in Gazipur's Pubail area on January 29 where cinematographer Anwar Hossain Bulu noted is working in camera direction.
Their study, in the journal (http://psycnet.apa.org/record/2017-34939-001) Developmental Psychology , was examining the relationship between "marital tension" and divorce.
For the thickness deviation is large at the stand position in the steady tension establishing process of some CCM.