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Thus ruminating, patient as a cow, I ask myself: What were thy ten overcomings?
I am but ten years old--and all the chemists' shops are shut up!"
If he is gone and you would have him returned, Bukawai will return him--for ten fat goats, a new sleeping mat and two pieces of copper wire the length of a tall man's arm from the shoulder to the tips of his fingers, and Bukawai will say nothing more about the goats and the sleeping mat and the copper wire which you were to pay for the first medicine."
The ten brethren gathered themselves together, shaking their assegais; five of them stood before Umslopogaas and five before Galazi the Wolf.
They had not been at work ten minutes ere her eye had glimpsed the topaz ring on the third finger of Saxon's left hand.
While I was still staring at it, there came towards me a tall old man, accompanied by ten young men, all handsome, and all blind of the right eye.
In three years, after 1896, there were twice as many users; in six years there were four times as many; in ten years there were eight to one.
'Ten kisses from the Princess, or else I keep my pot.'
"Ask him if he will have ten kisses from the ladies of my court."
Along the end of the meadow stood the booths for the different bands of archers, for the King's yeomen were divided into companies of fourscore men, and each company had a captain over it; so on the bright greensward stood ten booths of striped canvas, a booth for each band of the royal archers, and at the peak of each fluttered a flag in the mellow air, and the flag was the color that belonged to the captain of each band.
Ten thousand men had been engaged in that titanic struggle, and upon the field of battle lay three thousand dead.
Taking it "by and large," as the sailors say, we had a pleasant ten days' run from New York to the Azores islands--not a fast run, for the distance is only twenty-four hundred miles, but a right pleasant one in the main.
And finally, the terrible white man had fined him and Balesuna village ten thousand cocoanuts.
The contemporary reader has all the advantage of ten years' experience since this story was imagined.
"Altogether him make 'm six tens pounds and two fella pounds gold money," was his translation of sixty-two pounds of wages.