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tempt fate

1. To do something that one knows is dangerous or likely to have a negative outcome. You're really tempting fate by not taking your car in for service when all these dashboard lights are on.
2. To invite bad luck or unpleasant situations by showing one's confidence in something. I'm afraid to tempt fate, but I really think I did well on the exam.
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tempt someone into something

to lure or seduce someone into something. Could I tempt you into going swimming? She would not be tempted into eating the rich and fattening cake.
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tempt someone to do something

to entice someone to do something. You can't tempt me to eat any of that cake! I wasn't even tempted to go into town with the others.
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tempt someone with something

to entice someone with something. Can I tempt you with a bit of chocolate cake? I was tempted with a free book if I sent in my name, but I decided against it.
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tempt fate

Also, tempt the fates. Take a severe risk, as in It's tempting fate to start up that mountain so late in the day, or Patrice thought driving that old car was tempting the fates; it was sure to break down . This expression uses tempt in the sense of "test in a way that involves risk or danger." Earlier idioms with a similar meaning were tempt God, dating from the 1300s, and tempt fortune, first recorded in 1603, with fate appearing about 1700.
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tempt fate

1. If someone tempts fate, they take unnecessary risks or do something that may bring them bad luck. They charged the organisers with tempting fate by sending so many ill-prepared crews into such dangerous waters. Note: You can also say that someone tempts providence. I used to take the most appalling risks because it was in my nature to push everything to the extreme. I was tempting providence all the time.
2. If you tempt fate, you talk too confidently about something which may go wrong. While I wouldn't want to tempt fate, almost every time this team has been put under pressure, they've triumphed. Note: You can also say that someone tempts providence. I'm 36 and I'd hate to tempt providence and say I'm going to get pregnant.
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tempt fate (or providence)

act rashly. informal
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tempt ˈfate/ˈprovidence

take a risk or do something dangerous: ‘I don’t think I’ll insure my boat.’ ‘Don’t tempt fate. It’s best to insure it.’
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Fans of dark thrillers will enjoy the excessive dread and endless twists in Tempting God, but no reader should expect to receive solutions to all the mysteries the imaginative story creates.
While it may be tempting to directly threaten them in order to generate movement, this alone seldom produces long-term success.
Perhaps this is because they find it tempting, and by giving it up they can learn something about temptation.
A student of this insect's taste preferences, DeMilo is helping concoct tempting flavorings for pesticides that smite the rootworm, which costs U.
Because the book is disappointingly less than the sum of its parts, it is tempting to imagine an improved version.
It is easy and perhaps too tempting for progressives to proclaim that the sky is falling.
Of all possible combinations, of all the tempting fringes in a dervish world, fuck,
Not that Pondick doesn't ask for it; any artist who uses beds, baby bottles, and shoes as her signature materials is obviously tempting her viewers to play Freud.
Anyway, Honda has some tempting finance deals across its range on loads of different bikes.
Photographer Chris McVeigh befriended Buddy the chipmunk before tempting her to pose for a series of pictures.
there are usually lots of stalls with tempting goodies, whether it's an A1 coffee, local foods or a tempting present or two for the house.
The chance to taste and buy a multitude of tempting mid Wales morsels will provide visitors with an extra reason to visit Wonderwool Wales this April.
As tempting as it is to leave your car while you do other things indoors, you are vulnerable to theft.
The Gold Cup is tempting, but will have to talk to Kieren and see what he thinks,' said O'Brien