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temp tat

informal A shortening of "temporary tattoo." We all got temp tats down at the mall. My mom freaked out when she saw the picture on my ankle until I showed her that it was just a temp tat.
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n. a temporary tattoo. (Viewed as wimpy by those bearing real ink.) My father nearly croaked until I convinced him they were temp-tats.
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Agency workers are being asked to contact the TUC with their experiences as it asks if temps receive the same pay as non-agency staff.
Other top recruitment agencies also have a huge range of discounts, competitions and extras designed to entice temps to sign on to their books.
The CBI is calling for a substantially longer period before agency temp legislation kicks in - ideally one year.
To maximize these significant benefits, I suggest two enhancements to the way we generally implement the "temp solution."
"Basically it's a warehouse for the temp agencies," he says.
Just 20 percent of contingent workers (and under 4 percent of all temps) receive employer health insurance, compared with more than 50 percent of noncontingent workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Financial temps can earn between $200 and $1,500 a day, depending on the local business environment and the consultant's skills.
For the past two years, Hoy has worked an average of 40 hours a week as a professional temp. She has no immediate plans to commit herself to one company.
Iris's descent into hell on earth is guided by Margaret (Parker Posey), the tough ringleader of the temps, who despises the male corporate drones she works for but sucks up to them anyway to get noticed for a full-time gig.
Recruitment specialists Kelly Services place thousands of temps every year and say that 80 per cent of companies who use temporary help to cover the summer holiday season don't do it properly.
About 40 percent of temps in 1995 were clerical workers, according to the industry, but 34 percent were industrial workers and 18 percent were classified as technical or professional.
RIGA, Aug 11 (LETA) - Next week will be cloudy and rainy, as temps are expected to cool remain cool, according to meteorologists.
L'etude sur l'association entre temps de travail prolonge et risque d'AVC a ete realisee par une equipe francaise de l'hopital Raymond-Poincare (AP-HP a Garches, dans les Hauts-de-Seine), des universites de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines et de Paris-Saclay (region parisienne) avec l'Inserm.
According to a  (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/28/technology/google-temp-workers.html) New York Times report , Google employs more temps and contractors in the workforce than full-time staffers.