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temp tat

informal A shortening of "temporary tattoo." We all got temp tats down at the mall. My mom freaked out when she saw the picture on my ankle until I showed her that it was just a temp tat.
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n. a temporary tattoo. (Viewed as wimpy by those bearing real ink.) My father nearly croaked until I convinced him they were temp-tats.
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"Financial temping is very sensitive to factors in the local marketplace, so you should try to talk to consultants and other accounting temps in your local area," he says.
While temping, Colao's prorated compensation averaged between 110% and 120% of salary, to cover self-employment taxes and health benefits.
For one CPA, temping has offered a chance to gain experience and expand her skills.
What Rogers and others criticize most is the way temping disempowers workers - both economically and psychologically.
The same conditions that make temping psychologically disempowering also make it politically disempowering.
John Cridland, CBI deputy director-general, said, 'This short- sighted directive would do irreparable damage to the UK's successful temping market.
Experts predict the UK will be hit hardest by the law because Britain has the largest temping market in Europe - employing more than 700,000 people.
As mentioned above, the focus of her analysis is gender, race, and class issues as they relate to temping. For example, she emphasizes the stigma attached to temping that stereotypes all temps as "flakes" who are not responsible or motivated enough to find "real" jobs.
Temping allowed them to continue practicing law on their own terms.
"It's all about supply and demand," says Saralee Terry Woods, a staffing industry consultant and author of Executive Temping: A Guide for Professionals.
Temping is not, however, for someone who lives paycheck-to-paycheck, says Hoy, whose husband works full time.
If you're a student, trying to reenter the workforce, between jobs or seeking diverse work environments, then temping may be for you.
There are, however, some drawbacks to temping. "The big problem for contingent workers is that they don't have the underpinning, the security [of a permanent job], unless they're highly placed, highly specialized, well-trained consultants who can write their own ticket, says Helen Axel, senior research fellow for the Conference Board and author of HR Executive Review, Contingent Employment.