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temp tat

An informal shortening of "temporary tattoo." We all got temp tats down at the mall. My mom freaked out when she saw the picture on my ankle until I showed her that it was just a temp tat.
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n. a temporary tattoo. (Viewed as wimpy by those bearing real ink.) My father nearly croaked until I convinced him they were temp-tats.
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Once the temp industry had permeated the private sector (and, by 1985, the federal government), various temp agencies shifted their priorities to increasing their market share.
At the moment one of the growing number of temps in Poland or Spain is treated far better than one of the falling number of temps in the UK.
In fact, temp training can usually be brief, but it should always happen--and it should always provide thorough answers to four questions that will be on every temp's mind.
Basically it's a warehouse for the temp agencies," he says.
Backed against the wall since the Reagan years, most unions have, until lately, assumed a defensive posture, opposing the creation of temp jobs as a unionbusting strategy rather than looking for ways to unionize temps.
A TEMP CAN FILL A KEY ORGANIZATIONAL NEED until the company finds a permanent replacement.
The temp industry itself might not embrace that vivid metaphor.
A temp brings new ways of thinking and a broader perspective on problems.
Though singled out as the most contingent and given the lion's share of media attention, temporary workers at large temp firms stay on the payroll for only about four weeks, on average.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Electrical items Fluorescent Tube 20 W, G-13 Cap,6500K color Temp Minimum 940 Lumens 150,Fluorescent Tube (Slim)36 W, G-13 Cap, 6500K Color Temp, 1200mm length 700,Choke Electromagnetic Ballast for 40 W FTL 230V,50Hz 75,Choke - Electromagnetic Ballast for 20/18 W FTL 230V, 50Hz 100,Electromagnetic ballast for Compact Fluorescent Lamp, 7/9/11 W, 230V, 50Hz 40,Starter for fluorescent Tube 20 W-80W, 230V-250V, 50Hz 400,Tube Holder Press type 2A,230V%(A10%) Tube Holder click type 2A, 230V (A10%) 200 200,CFL 5 W, 240V-50Hz, 6500K color Temp Min.
The benefits are clear; using temps avoids the hassle and management time involved in recruiting permanent staff, there is no need to put a temp on the business's own payroll and more importantly, in the past, temps have not claimed employment rights when their contract ended.
On October 17, 2002, the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service issued guidance under sections 6011 and 6112 of the Internal Revenue Code substantially modifying the rules relating to the disclosure and reporting of certain transactions under Temp.