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Of the 28 percent who said police were telling the truth, 10 percent said they were definitely telling the truth, while 17 percent said they were probably telling the truth.
The time they took to give a response was recorded, and response times were compared between telling the truth and lying, both when they made that decision themselves and when they were told whether to fib or not.
Magistro was angry, telling The Asbury Park Press that her concern was for "the students who have come forward and expressed to their parents an uncomfortableness or questioned their teacher or their parents about what is constitutionally correct...."
Long talks with family and with staff at my MS center in New York convinced me that telling would be personally salutary.
He introduces these tales with an outlandish claim: "The truth is that golems are real, they are out there now, and they are everywhere." At the same time, he punctuates his story with insistent references to lies, liars, and lying, culminating in his final words: "And, naturally, I'm still telling lies." In other words, Chabon's talk exhibits all the hallmarks of a tall tale, with the author signaling to the audience at every turn that the narrator is not to be completely trusted.
Through three novels and six volumes of short stories, Cooper has been telling these tales in a voice that is shoot-from-the-hip direct, moralistic, cautionary yet always compassionate.
For decades, psychologists have done laboratory experiments in an attempt to describe differences between the behavior of liars and of people telling the truth.
* Start by telling us--your investors--why we should entrust a piece of our portfolios to you.
The final stage was characterized by children telling a coherent, elaborate story from beginning to end without getting sidetracked.
His face was intense and it seemed as though what he was telling Wanda was important.
Denied his hoped-for TV career, Stempel had begun talking to newspapers, telling them he had been given answers and then been required to "take a dive." Twenty-One producers tried to discredit Stempel as mentally unstable.
In fact, the telling of Bible stories has become an unknown art within Christian communities.
His attempts at control had resulted in his wife's telling him to pack up and move out.
But what impressed me most were the small and very telling human touches that showed up all the time.