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The time they took to give a response was recorded, and response times were compared between telling the truth and lying, both when they made that decision themselves and when they were told whether to fib or not.
Magistro was angry, telling The Asbury Park Press that her concern was for "the students who have come forward and expressed to their parents an uncomfortableness or questioned their teacher or their parents about what is constitutionally correct.
But, as I learned, we need not necessarily fear telling others.
At the same time, he punctuates his story with insistent references to lies, liars, and lying, culminating in his final words: "And, naturally, I'm still telling lies.
LAB LIES By studying large groups of participants, researchers have identified certain general behaviors that liars are more likely to exhibit than are people telling the truth.
Children will invent story structure by telling and writing stories.
His face was intense and it seemed as though what he was telling Wanda was important.
He remembered his boss at MNI telling him that to get rich you need to buy low and sell high.
D Suggest to the person telling the joke that he or she go through a diversity-training workshop.
Either Church was telling Virginia that Santa Claus (the person in the red suit whom she was asking about) truly exists (a falsehood), or he was telling her that Santa Claus stands for generosity and love and the like, and therefore exists but not as a real person in the sense that she meant But he failed to add the last part of this thought and thus evaded her question.
Holmes denied telling dancers that getting principal roles was contingent on losing weight.
Somehow, a nurse didn't know that congenital means "from or at birth"; her doctor was telling her that her daughter did not "catch" her cataracts as a result of her mother's Gulf duty.
It was my wife's aunt telling me that the coach at Grambling had quit.
When the time came for the camp experience to begin, each parent was prepared t get a call, within days, telling us it wasn't working out.