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Finally, End Zone challenges the larger assumption of any writing about sport: that sport is both knowable and tellable.
The multiple degrees of separation involved in this story imply that this violation possessed a high degree of cultural salience and that this particular incident was highly tellable.
A tellable story is imprinted onto the tangled mess of what is remembered and what is forgotten.
The stories are readable, tellable, and a breath of fresh air for state studies and for just plain storytelling.
Tellable narratives (narratives that seem worth telling) "place an accent on unexpected or noncanonical events--events that disrupt the normal order of things for human or human-like agents engaged in goal-directed activities" (133).
Her memoir belongs to the type that maintains an ongoing tension between the concealed and the revealed, the guilt of the mother who feels she has abandoned her child and to preserve her defenses has created a tellable tale (in 1981, the same year Stark's book was published, Isabelle Vital-Tihany published La Vie sauve about how she survived in Budapest in 1944-45).
William Labov (371), who is usually referred to as having coined the concept, stated that in reportable or tellable narratives "the events involved [are] truly dangerous and unusual.
28) The affinities between the vocal and the musical are underscored while gesturing to the autobiographical narrative in a reflective mode, especially when the text simultaneously records the Algerian women's tellable histories.
Therefore, I constantly asked myself the following questions: "Why this narrative--or any narrative--is felt to be tellable.
Since the epic, like the novel later, is characterized by its polyphonic structure, it is instructive to examine whose perception, interpretation, and evaluation are considered tellable, and what different value-positions can be constructed.
It seems to be a rule in such stories that sexual secrets are tellable only when they still count in some way as secrets.
we are each of us locations where the stories of our place and time become partially tellable.
He obfuscates the radical potential of what he hears and sees, encrypting and secreting his father's story within an altogether more tellable fiction about his grandfather.