tell you what

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tell you what

A phrase indicating that the speaker is going to present a suggestion or their opinion on something. I tell you what, this burger might be the best I've ever had. Tell you what, why don't you go out for a run and I'll watch the kids for a while. I'll tell you what, that was some concert.
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I/I’ll ˌtell you ˈwhat


ˌI know ˈwhat

(spoken) said before making a suggestion: I tell you what — let’s ask Fred to lend us his car.I know what! Why don’t you buy her a CD?
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One viewer states: "Tell ya what that boy with the black vest got some real tidy hands on him he had great timing and he was tattooing that other fella with the lead left and a right cross."
Does he try to tell ya what classes to take and which extracurrics to sign up for, too?
The Grangers say the meal will include "country sausage, biscuits (so light you got to hold 'em down!), thick and creamy gravy (won't tell ya what's in it!), country scrambled eggs (means we took the eggs from different chickens), ham that comes from a real pig, taters, pancakes and a healthy fruit plate."
How convincing are they going to be bursting onto a stage and belting out "I tell ya what I want, what I really, really want..." when you kind of suspect the answer is...
Tell ya what, I could even turn 'em into posters and sell 'em down Brick Lane market.
"I'll tell ya what Essex Man wants - a decent motor in the drive, a good holiday in summer and a bit of a drink.