tell what to do with

tell (one) what (one) can do with (something)

vulgar slang An expression of frustration or anger about one or something one has said or done. The phrase indirectly alludes to telling one to shove something up their anus. I'm going to call this damned company and tell them what they can do with the stupid flyers they've been stuffing in our mail box! A: "How did you end up in jail?" B: "Well, the officer tried to give me a parking ticket, and I told him what he could do with it."
See also: can, tell, what

tell someone what to do with something

to reject someone's idea by suggesting that someone do something rude with something. (With the unspoken notion that one should stick it up one's ass.) I'll tell you what you can dowith it. If that's the way he wants to be, you can just tell him what to do with it.
See also: tell, what