tell the world

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tell the (whole) world

Fig. to spread around someone's private business. Well, you don't have to tell the whole world. Go ahead, tell the world!
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tell the (whole) ˈworld

tell something to everyone; tell something publicly: Keep your voice down! We don’t want to tell the whole world about it!
See also: tell, world

tell the world

See also: tell, world
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My wish is that I could tell the world to work hard and gain respect, but I can't
Quattlebaum doesn't seem to want to tell the world much anymore.
Through a new process, we can now tell the world that crosslinked polyethylene can be recycled," says Elmer Good, the paper's author and president of Gyron Compounds in Mission Hills, Calif.
As a player on the LPGA Tour, I want to help tell the world that kids get arthritis, too.
But Cascarino hit back: "If Roy is so honest he should tell the world his reasons.
He wants to tell the world what a fantastic job Sam Allardyce is doing and how Big Sam is the ideal man to lead his country once Sven skips off after the World Cup.
If someone wants to come out and tell the world that he or she is gay, that's wonderful, but to try to label dead people is just a waste of time.
I think he was trying to tell the world, 'Look, there is high culture, there is great architecture in Los Angeles.
But operators here must decide what they want to tell the world about northwestern Ontario tourism packages, she says.
While up in space, Allen also triggers an e-mail and video that tell the world how to build these portable hyperdrives "on the cheap.
Russell urged participants to use the attention surrounding Canon Robinson's consecration to tell the world of a church "where everybody is welcome.
A FORTNIGHT after interrupting his African trip to tell the world Britain was in mourning for Princess Margaret, Tony Blair interrupts a tour of Scotland to tell the world Britain was in ecstasy after a few women won something on ice.
I finally decided that I needed to tell the world that there are, in fact, gay jockeys who are still riding.
My mission is to tell the world the stories of Iraq, to tell the military's story,'' she said Monday in an interview.
The Mirror was the first to sensationally tell the world about the new love in Diana's life.