tell the whole world

tell the (whole) world

tv. to spread around private business. Well, you don’t have to tell the whole world.
See also: tell, whole, world
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We hold this festival in Egypt every year with some of our premium Indian artists to tell the whole world that Egypt is safe," Gupta announced.
We are servants of the university (Al-Quds University) and we tell the whole world, Palestine is one for all and all for one," said Father Bashar.
Instead of reducing itself to a small country, as a middle power South Korea needs to tell the whole world why the divided Korean Peninsula should be reunited as one for the regional and global peace.
The statement read in part, ' We must tell the whole world that following the development (arrest of the herdsmen), there is a growing apprehension in Arogbo Ijaw land, particularly among the women folk who are scared of going into the forest for their daily business for fear of being attacked by the herdsmen who are suspected to be spies in the community.
The problem with the first-half performance - you are intelligent, you don't need me to tell the whole world, another s*** goal.
Mitchell added: "If being handpicked to play with such a well-established popular band wasn't enough, we were also bursting with excitement and just wanted to tell the whole world.
A few years ago, she decided to tell the whole world that she wants to go from being a man to a woman.
EVERYONE has the right to their opinion, but now the internet has made sure we can tell the whole world them.
We tell the whole world where we are and what we are doing.
Let this occasion therefore tell the whole world that the Comvaleos are already tired of violence and want peace in their beautiful and rich place that could further hasten the progress and development of Compostela Valley, he said.
And once you do—you'll want to tell the whole world about it.
My dream is to tell the whole world that we Filipinos know how to make chocolates, she said.
Clothes that tell the whole world you're having a hot flush.
That is the faith of Christians who tell the whole world of Jesus Christ and invite you to join with them in celebrating the mercy of him who died for love of us and is risen from the dead giving a share in his divine life and glory.
What is happening in Libya is a matter that concerns us and we tell the whole world that Libya should return to be a safe and stable country for its people and even to its visitors", Sissi said at the airport.