tell about

tell someone about someone or something

to give information to someone about someone or something. Please tell me about Wallace. You were going to tell me about the old neighborhood.
See also: tell
References in classic literature ?
He mentioned several persons who had a share in the settlement of our country, and who would be well worthy of remembrance, if we could find room to tell about them all.
The White House will tell about not allowing gays to serve in the military but won't ask about a gay male prostitute in the pressroom.
In a newspaper it tell about what's happening around the world.
Some stories tell about greediness, selfishness, or boastfulness and show the correct way that people should treat one another and other beings in the world.
Few writers tell about the traditional and changing roles of American Indian women who have adapted to Euroamerican culture while at the same time perpetuating Native American values.
What use is celebrating if one cannot tell about it?