telescope into

telescope into something

[for one cylindrical part of something] to fit down inside another part, thereby reducing the length of the whole. This part telescopes into this part. The tent poles telescoped into a small, compact unit.
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Making their texts work like telescopes, Galileo and Cavendish adapt the visual technology of the telescope into a model of reading.
In July 1999, space shuttle Columbia launched the 14-meter (45-foot) long telescope into Earth's orbit.
That dream became reality last week when Japan's Institute of Space and Astronautical Science launched an 8-meter radio telescope into an elliptical orbit that takes it from 990 kilometers to nearly 20,000 km away from Earth.
They must remove a protective cover from a key mirror on the camera, which directs light from the main beam of the telescope into the WFPC.
A few days after astronauts eased the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit from the shuttle Discovery, Earth-bound engineers still struggled cautiously to get the costly instrument working.
9-meter telescope into a CCD-equipped sky survey telescope called Spacewatch.