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The inquirer could play a lot of telephone tag before getting to the right person.
It's quicker and easier than writing and sending surface mail, and is more efficient than telephone tag.
We played telephone tag for a while after settling back into our respective work environments after the conference, but eventually connected.
And with e-mail there's no voice mail or telephone tag.
Being put on hold, playing telephone tag, and engaging in the usual chit-chat that accompanies most business calls can add up to the loss of a staggering amount of time.
It puts information into their hands quickly and virtually eliminates telephone tag and busy lines.
5) Savings will result from a reduction in telephone tag and repetitious instructions.
Meanwhile, Keith plays telephone tag with a bright-and-sexy-sounding woman named Leah (Stacey Dash).
No hearings are held, no minutes or transcripts are taken of members' telephone tag -- and the board never issues a written explanation of its decisions.
A game of telephone tag then breaks out amongst numerous engineers from different companies, not all I suspect still in their pyjamas, in an attempt to find out whose problem this is, this really, really is.
Again, no telephone tag is necessary to get a reply message through.
If not, make a telephone appointment to avoid playing telephone tag.
The receiving party can also respond at their convenience -- a virtual elimination of telephone tag.
There are lots of contenders, but high on almost anybody's list has to be one of America's favorite games: telephone tag.
In addition, the individual message-sending capability available through e-mail reduces the amount of time employees spend playing telephone tag.