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play telephone tag

To engage in a series of telephone calls with another person in which each time one party calls, the other is not available to answer. Hi Mary, just leaving you another message. We've been playing a bit of telephone tag today, huh? Just give me a call back whenever you get this, thanks!
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telephone tag

A series of telephone calls made between two people in which each time one party calls, the other is not available to answer. Hi Mary, just leaving you another message. We've had a bit of telephone tag today, huh? Just give me a call back whenever you get this, thanks!
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be on the phone

To be talking on the telephone. The boss is on the phone right now, but I can tell her you stopped by.
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on the telephone

Currently using a telephone to talk to another person. Please be quiet! Can't you see I'm on the telephone? I was on the telephone for nearly three hours trying to get through to a customer service representative.
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*on the telephone

 and *on the phone
Fig. speaking on the telephone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) She's on the phone but won't be long. Please take a seat while I'm on the phone. Get on the phone and call him back immediately!
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telephone something in (to someone)

to call someone on the telephone, usually to give particular information. (The person called is in a special location, such as one's workplace or headquarters.) I will telephone my report in to my secretary. I telephoned in my report. I will telephone it in tomorrow.
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Who do you want?

 and Who do you want to talk to?; Who do you want to speak to?; Who do you wish to speak to?; Who do you wish to talk to?
Who do you want to speak to over the telephone? (All these questions can also begin with whom. Compare this with With whom do you wish to speak?) Sue: Wilson residence. Who do you want to speak to? Bill: Hi, Sue. I want to talk to you. Tom (answering the phone): Hello? Sue: Hello, who is this? Tom: Who do you wish to speak to? Sue: Is Sally there? Tom: Just a minute.
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be on the ˈtelephone/ˈphone

1 be using the telephone: Mr Perkins is on the telephone but he’ll be with you in a moment.You’re wanted (= somebody wants to speak to you) on the telephone.
2 (British English) have a telephone in your home or place of work: They live on a small island and are not on the phone.
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It was not easy, of course, for the weak young telephone to make itself heard in that noisy workshop.
Had I known more about electricity, and less about sound," he said, "I would never have invented the telephone.
As though the very stars in their courses were working for this young wizard with the talking wire, the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia opened its doors exactly two months after the telephone had learned to talk.
Hubbard, after much trouble, had obtained a promise that they would spend a few minutes examining Bell's telephone.
One took up a telephone receiver, looked at it blankly, and put it down again.
And so, with the tall, blond-bearded Dom Pedro in the centre, the assembled judges, and scientists--there were fully fifty in all-- entered with unusual zest into the proceedings of this first telephone exhibition.
So, one after another, this notable company of men listened to the voice of the first telephone, and the more they knew of science, the less they were inclined to believe their ears.
It had been conceived in a cellar and born in a machine-shop; and now, of all the gifts that our young American Republic had received on its one-hundredth birthday, the telephone was honored as the rarest and most welcome of them all.
Miller, Ruby Sipes, Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Communications services subject to the tax are local telephone service, toll telephone service or teletypewriter exchange service; see Sec.
Utilizing Net6's Telephony Transformation Gateway, these customers can take advantage of their applications from the screen of any 4620 or 4630 IP telephone, whether they are at their desk, in a conference room or a public area.
gov/ces or telephone National Employment, Hours, and Earnings, Current Employment Statistics (CES): (202) 691-6555.
When you see birds flying south in the winter, they are actually following the north-south direction of the telephone lines, which replaced easily identifiable Native American portage trails in the second half of the 19th century.
Cellular telephone and PCS fraud can be divided into low-tech fraud and high-tech fraud.
The three major long-distance providers - AT&T, MCI and Sprint - plan to launch their attacks on the local telephone markets.