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She, too, soared high, but not so high as the quarry, and her teeth clipped emptily together with a metallic snap.
His teeth closed upon the rabbit, and he bore it back to earth with him.
But she proceeded to punish him roundly, until he gave over all attempts at placation, and whirled in a circle, his head away from her, his shoulders receiving the punishment of her teeth.
He crouched down under the impending blow, his hair bristling, but his teeth still keeping tight hold of the rabbit.
Not with the smouldering, smothering, choking hysteria that still worked in the fox-terriers did he listen, nor with quivering of muscles and jumps of over-wrought nerves, but coolly, composedly, as if no battle royal had just taken place and no rips of teeth and kicks of feet still burned and ached his body.
He could not help bristling, however, when first he sniffed a trousers' leg into which his teeth had so recently torn.
Twice his teeth clipped together, like the steel jaws of a trap, as he backed away for better footing, with lean and lifting lips that writhed and snarled.
In vain Buck strove to sink his teeth in the neck of the big white dog.
Many people think that milk teeth are not very important since the permanent teeth will take over their place.
2 This could be a direct result of people becoming more careful in taking care of their teeth or dentures which prolongs the life of dentition thus exposing them to more wear5.
Often the loss of teeth without replacement begins a downward spiral in general health due to dietary deficiencies that arise from not being able to chew properly," notes Alan B.
Although teeth start to form before a baby even leaves the womb, a child's first set of teeth normally don't start to break through until their about six months.
People have 20 "baby" teeth and 32 permanent teeth.
A dental brace is a device used to correct the alignment of teeth and bite-related problems (including underbite, overbite, etc.
Due to my refusal to go to the dentist regularly, I eventually had to get braces to align my teeth.