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They pulled and pulled a teensy-weensy bit more, and Grandmama came out of the overstuffed chair!
After the uproar following Russell Brand's performance as guest editor of the New Statesman I expected something a teensy-weensy bit controversial.
Although, returning to the subject of pet hates, why do some restaurants bother with those teensy-weensy pedal bins that look as if they have to be emptied every 20 minutes?
OK, he's only softened a teensy-weensy bit and I wouldn't overstate the change.
The teensy-weensy home aficionado teamed up with ( EastSeven Hostel and Corinne Rose of Berlin's BMW Guggenheim LAB, an open-air festival of design and innovation, to bring his idea to fruition.
Boston increased its wild-card lead on the Rays to two games, and the Sox are just one teensy-weensy game out of first place in the AL East.
Methinks he's guilty of just a teensy-weensy bit of exaggeration there.
To be honest, you sound a teensy-weensy bit shallow to me.
For those with to-die-for figures, teensy-weensy triangle bikinis are a hot musthave.
It only has one teensy-weensy drawback and that is you get paid 4p a day and you are listened to by about seven people.
Witness how scrupulously it's avoided in the bow-and-scrape rituals of public justification performed to convince Congress that art (even that itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy, we-don't-like-it-either portion that turns nasty) deserves continued federal funding.
However, they can't be pulling this itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy act forever.
Willie Rennie, who leads the teensy-weensy Lib Dem band in Holyrood, condemned the announcement, fearing it would affect his party's vote in the council elections next week.
And, to me, that makes them just a teensy-weensy bit disorganised.
The difference this time was that the main voice to be heard belonged to our skipper and if Tim sounds even the teensy-weensy bit worried you know something fairly major is happening.