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Particularly small or tiny. I'm not hungry myself, but I'd love to try just a teensy-weensie bite of your meal, if you don't mind. Be sure to appreciate the time when your children are teensy-weensie, because they grow up very fast!


Extremely small; tiny. I'm not hungry, but I'd love to try just a teeny-weeny bite of your meal, if you don't mind. Be sure to appreciate the time when your children are teeny-weeny, because they grow up very fast!
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and teenie-weenie and teensy-weensy (ˈtiniˈwini and ˈtintsiˈwintsi)
mod. tiny. Could you move just a teenie-weenie bit to the left?


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The computer does not see the Teensy device as a USB drive or another accessory, but as a human interface device (a keyboard).
(You can write little teensy e-mails to Connor at TheOddAngryShot@yahoo.com--Use little teensy words--The Editor)
With just a teensy bit of force to goad the infra-marginal.
"If it doesn't work out for whatever reasons, we can still both go our own ways." Gund, an enthusiast of the initiative, doesn't see it not working out, although she does acknowledge a possibility (at least a teensy one) that truly edgy and inconvenient contemporary art could find itself ghettoized across the East River.
(Lobster lips may be the only place it lives!) The creature is teensy, but scientists are excited.
At Lotus, for example, products will now get names like "Lotus Word Pro 96 Edition for Windows 95." Just to make sure consumers won't get a teensy bit confused about potential compatibility problems, Lotus says Word Pro 96 will actually ship in 1995.
New York, NY, November 12, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Teensy Studios, a leading developer of wearable games, is proud to announce the release of their first Apple Watch game "Tiny Table Tennis" available worldwide on the Apple Store.
But Dr Qvortrup has pointed out a teensy flaw in that argument.
HERE'S supermodel Naomi Campbell looking absolutely stunning - and a teensy bit like an Oscar statue.
I wanted to know how she keeps such a teensy figure.
Why review "just another (yawn) teensy pocket pistol"?
Adding a teensy drop of darkness to its tale of interspecies friendship between a mouse and a bear, Euro co-production "Ernest and Celestine" is a charming animated feature inspired by Belgium writer-illustrator Gabrielle Vincent's wholesome children's books of the same name.
He's what I like to call a little bit perfect, and knowing a teensy bit of him will be in every H&M store makes me even happier.
However, if I'm even a teensy bit early I get morning-dad, an at best partially clothed, raging, growling wolf-man who will bark: "Yer mum's asleep, yer dad's asleep, GET BACK INTO BED!".
I don't care if my meal gets cold, I'll sit there and pick every teensy bit of it out."--Trish