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teem with (someone or something)

To overflow or swarm with people or things; to have a huge abundance of people or things. The trash was teeming with cockroaches. The city positively teemed with tourists ahead of the annual festival.
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teem with someone or something

to swarm with someone or something; to be abundant with someone or something. The porch was teeming with flies, so we couldn't eat there. The beach teemed with people enjoying the sunny weather.
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teem with

To be full of something; abound or swarm with something: The rotten log is teaming with insects. The airport is teaming with police.
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Moustique de L'Isle is first choice ahead of Teeming Rain and Nil Desperandum.
Homesteaders, market hunters, the Army, and recreational shooters hacked away at the teeming bison masses, and by 1890 the bison millions had been reduced to a few hundred.
today the 16th of February, 2019 amidst teeming supporters who kept wake with me the 'breaking news' by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of its resolution to shift the Presidential/National Assembly Elections to Saturday, 23rd February, 2019.
LOCAL people keen to look after a local woodland teeming with wildlife are being urged to get involved with the work of the Friends of Sot's Hole Nature Reserve, in West Bromwich.
Connections reckon Teeming Rain has a realistic chance of Irish National success this season and the Grand National has been spoken of as a possible target in 2008.
Create an oasis that is teeming with life in your own backyard.
2 Hong Kong Arts Festival February 9-March 12 As a teeming center of life and commerce, Hong Kong recognized the need for a citywide celebration of culture in 1973.
Easily missed on a main thoroughfare teeming with tourists, Galleria Continua might seem emblematic of a country too steeped in its impressive past to cultivate an internationally relevant contemporary art scene.
Eva has never been off the prairie and Denver is teeming with con artists, stores jammed together, and the traffic of carriages, wagons, and single riders.
Astrophysicist Tyson and astronomy writer Goldsmith begin their tale 14 billion years ago, when "all the space and all the matter and all the energy of the known universe fit within a pinhead." They then explain what happened from that moment of the Big Bang forward to create countless galaxies and stars, dark matter, and perhaps abundant planets teeming with life.
After a day of meetings and errands in the capital's teeming center, the bridge's soaring towers have always marked my exit from the city and the real beginning of the long drive home to our house near the Pacific coast of Chiba Prefecture's Boso Peninsula.
The statement continued: "While these voids still remain empty and inconsolable, the surrounding plaza's design has evolved to include teeming groves of trees, traditional affirmations of life and rebirth.
healthy reef system teeming with many fish species.
Roughly half the piazza is occupied by the basin, pushing visitors to the edge of a man-made amphitheatre and transforming urban life into a teeming, dramatic spectacle.