teem with

teem with (someone or something)

To overflow or swarm with people or things; to have a huge abundance of people or things. The trash was teeming with cockroaches. The city positively teemed with tourists ahead of the annual festival.
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teem with someone or something

to swarm with someone or something; to be abundant with someone or something. The porch was teeming with flies, so we couldn't eat there. The beach teemed with people enjoying the sunny weather.
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teem with

To be full of something; abound or swarm with something: The rotten log is teaming with insects. The airport is teaming with police.
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References in classic literature ?
Therefore, I note here, though it may not be at all necessary, that there are hundreds of Will Cases (as they are called), far more remarkable than that fancied in this book; and that the stores of the Prerogative Office teem with instances of testators who have made, changed, contradicted, hidden, forgotten, left cancelled, and left uncancelled, each many more wills than were ever made by the elder Mr Harmon of Harmony Jail.
That body recommended certain measures to their constituents, and the event proved their wisdom; yet it is fresh in our memories how soon the press began to teem with pamphlets and weekly papers against those very measures.
Astrobiologist Jack Farmer said: "On Earth, hydrothermal deposits teem with life.
The waters of the Sacramento Valley teem with sturgeon, salmon, bass, steelhead, crappie, bluegill, and more, to offer the dedicated angler a great variety of fish.
A credit card or sheet of paper might look smooth, but under a microscope, these surfaces teem with ridges, pits, and other irregularities.
They teem with oneiric imagery (disembodied eyes, horned women, hypertrophied flowers, snakes with the faces of owls, flying rams) and intricate patterns (spirals, curlicues, dots, scallops, and undulating striations).
Poirier's characters are believably eccentric, and his plots teem with the plausible weirdness of desert towns.
This is but one example of outrageous exploits that teem with Celtic love of life.
8), you learned that rain forests teem with plant and animal life.
Both variations of the coating are currently being tested on panels submerged in Hawaiian and Florida waters that teem with sea life, and patents are pending.
Both teem with lesson plans, syllabi, book reviews, historiographical essays and other materials created by and for teachers.
Cities and towns on both sides of the border teem with more and more people.
His plays teem with aristocratic courtiers, and may have reflected the real anxieties of real aristocrats; but they cannot have done so in any simple way, and they must have reflected others' anxieties as well.
"We want the entire escarpment to teem with crosses," said Switon, who two years ago faced court investigations for alleged anti-Semitic activities.
In eighteenth and nineteenth century Italy, Church records teem with admonitory references to the threat of "public scandal," and the necessity to avoid it.