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teem with (someone or something)

To overflow or swarm with people or things; to have a huge abundance of people or things. The trash was teeming with cockroaches. The city positively teemed with tourists ahead of the annual festival.
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teem with someone or something

to swarm with someone or something; to be abundant with someone or something. The porch was teeming with flies, so we couldn't eat there. The beach teemed with people enjoying the sunny weather.
See also: teem

teem with

To be full of something; abound or swarm with something: The rotten log is teaming with insects. The airport is teaming with police.
See also: teem
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Benson believes that the TEEM approach to getting people to work and be personally responsible is perhaps the best possible answer to recidivism.
There have also been suggestions that the Dreem Teem have been asking other DJs to ban Oxide & Neutrino's records.
The TEEMS (Technology, Engineering, Environment, Math, and Science) building block, "A Home for all Seasons," teaches kindergarten students about the different homes that exist for animals and how each home meets the needs of the inhabitants that reside there.
Notes: If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Teems at 903-433-4750 or Email:kteems@gunterisd.
Likewise, The Black Experience teems with casual anecdotes of encounters with lions of black history: Du Bois, Nkrumah, Wright, Mandela, and Miriam Makeba all make appearances.
Instead, the site teems with signs of wealth and commerce.
People may give little thought to it, but the world beneath their feet teems with life.
Contrary to a common misperception, pack ice teems with life, from photosynthetic microalgae to 6-foot-tall sea sponges to polar bears and penguins.
Haunted by the likes of Marcel Duchamp and Jacques Derrida, his work teems with disorienting encounters, seamlessly mixing references to old master compositions adn Popular Mechanics.
A sprawling, typically Dickensian novel, Nicholas Nickleby teems with villains and victims, and leaves no doubt as to the author's attitude towards the social conditions of his day.
A new study supports the notion that the hidden region teems with galaxies, some of them in our own cosmic backyard.