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teem with (someone or something)

To overflow or swarm with people or things; to have a huge abundance of people or things. The trash was teeming with cockroaches. The city positively teemed with tourists ahead of the annual festival.
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teem with someone or something

to swarm with someone or something; to be abundant with someone or something. The porch was teeming with flies, so we couldn't eat there. The beach teemed with people enjoying the sunny weather.
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teem with

To be full of something; abound or swarm with something: The rotten log is teaming with insects. The airport is teaming with police.
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All TEEM participants were then required (and continue to be required) to submit information about their programs and enter a quality improvement process linked to 12 performance criteria, with the ultimate goal of receiving certification as "Texas School Ready!" This quality rating and improvement system is unique among other state systems, because it uses information from the pre-K year and the subsequent kindergarten year to determine whether a particular classroom has successfully prepared children for kindergarten.
At noon meals, the TEEM director invited speakers to discuss their faith, their business experience, or other topics.
Mark Swanson, the editor for this issue, and all the editorial team of Currents for publishing this special issue on TEEM. I hope that you will find this special issue of Currents to be enlightening to you as you reflect upon your own experience of participating in, facilitating, and contributing to imaginative and innovative ways of teaching and learning theology.
He said: "TEEM is a national project which helps teachers and publishers work together to discover the best software for schools on the market.
It may be mentioned here that ahead of Eidul Azha, livestock markets in Lahore every year are teemed with beautiful animals.
The TEEMS (Technology, Engineering, Environment, Math, and Science) building block, "A Home for all Seasons," teaches kindergarten students about the different homes that exist for animals and how each home meets the needs of the inhabitants that reside there.
Pawleys Island, SC, July 23, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The Lachicotte Company is pleased to announce the addition of David Teems to the property management division of the company.
The newly-appointed acting president of DeKalb Technical College Larry Teems, won the Turknett Leadership Character Award in the education arena.
Buoyed by moss and gases from decaying plants, it teems with birdS and is said to harbor a bear-size turtle nAmed Big Ben.
Brixton, known as London's Harlem, teems with Caribbean and African boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs.
THE PORT CITY of Bergen, Norway's second largest, teems in the bright months with tourists as boats embark on cruises around the country's natural wonders.
The background in Zambian artist Batu's painting is not golden as with the old masters; it's an earthen background, like an earth-green rag rug that teems with life.
Twilight teems with classic romance novel fare--forbidden love, questionable parentage, a celebrity stalker and over-wrought dialogue.
The Monitor, following standard media practice, reports that Russia teems with desperately poor nuclear scientists, and insists that Russia's law enforcement organs have a difficult time keeping track of them.